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Even one is worth it…

June 10, 2010

–and be not overcome with bitterness.–

(Pre-script: I thought of this missionary at an orphanage in Honduras raising some 22 children with a bit of help from such people as some of the readers of this blog, and shared the story with him, but it is a good story with a lesson for all of us..)

I just got back from a meeting with some of the local missionaries I worked with before and with whom I fellowship regularly, and one told a most inspiring testimony related to your own labor of love.

A Swedish couple in the 1920s or so went to what was then the Belgian Congo as missionaries, inspired to do work for the Lord, and arrived at a missionary center there. After awhile they joined another couple to go deeper into the country, and they found a certain tribe they felt led to.

But the chief told them they had their own gods, and didn’t want them coming in and offending his gods, so they settled a short ways outside that village and built their own little mud hut. The chief only let one little boy visit them to sell them food and wares.

The other couple quickly tired, seeing no opening to witness, but the Swedish wife witnessed faithfully to that boy over time and eventually led him to receive Christ as Lord and Saviour. Meantime, she had been stricken with malaria and other diseases, and then she was pregnant.

The chief allowed a midwife to help with the birth, but some twenty days later the wife died.

The husband was heartbroken and became very bitter, and became very angry at God. After giving up everything to go to a primitive place, after sticking it out, faithfully, and only one child as fruit, and now my wife has died, he told God. So angry was he that he left, he gave up the baby girl to a couple from America, and went back to Sweden.

That girl grew up in the States, the couple avoiding international travel for her sake, and after living in a few different places, found herself in Seattle, knowing from youth that she was born of, or adopted from, Swedish parents.

Although she did not know any Swedish at all, one day in the mail came a mailing like a newsletter completely in Swedish! She leafed through it and found her eyes gazing at a picture of a gravestone with her (Swedish) mother’s name on it!

The translator she found told her the article was about how that boy, led to the Lord and taught how to read and write by the couple, had gone back to the village and began leading other children to receive Jesus. Those children began telling their parents about this gospel and they began getting saved, and finally the whole village was a shining light on a hill.

The boy growing up began visiting other fledgling congregations in the area and helping them grow, and witness to their neighbors and eventually the gospel changed the whole nation. All from the witness of that one boy.

The daughter, now grown, decided to seek out the father in Sweden. He had remarried and had several grown children there. They told her it would do him good to see her but not to mention God at all because he always got angry at every mention. But she told him anyway, and told him the story, and his last week was a much happier one at knowing it was not in vain.

Every little seed you plant in those kids’ hearts is a big deal to them, infancy to even past teenage years. You have made them your life, and it is an investment that will pay eternal dividends no matter what. Don’t let the devil discourage you, just pour your heart into them, pour the truth into them, pour the love of God in Christ Jesus and the living word of God into them, and you will change Honduras, you will change the world.

—Your brother in Christ,

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