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Humans, chimps, genes and percentages

February 22, 2013

Personally, even if there was a 98% genetic equality between individuals of the same sex between humans and chimps, I never considered that even remotely threatening.

BUT the fact that they stack the deck for their percentages to favor themselves does count as a refutation of what they have to claim is “evidence” for their pagan dogma of stones bringing us forth and animals being our ancestors.

BUT ALSO I think what they call “junkDNA, substitutions, indels, repeats, *do* also count against the 98% number as a realistic figure, because (#1) they found out very quickly that there is no such think as “junk” DNA, that what they thought was, they discovered has its uses, and I don’t even think they use the term anymore, and (#2) it is simply there, and shows that there is a lot more going on that a simplistic process of building from a blueprint, and (#3) related to #2, biologists have epigenetics and other contextual factors have a lot more influence on the relationship between genome and organism they thought before, including the conscription of all that junk for experimentation, that not so long agone now, biologists and geneticists were saying it was depressing to have to scratch “everything” they know (their word at the time) and start from scratch again.