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ID, Creationism, Religion and Science

August 17, 2010

Newspeak dictionaries put out by the Propaganda Ministry of Big Brother try to paint ID as creationism, but of course they know that it’s not the same thing any more than SETI is just a way to sneak UFO abductions into mainstream science. Not that mainstream science shuns all craziness, and not that there’s anything wrong with creationism!

> Religion and Science used to be bedfellows in past centuries and many of the scientist expressed a belief in a supreme being and many identified themselves as Christians but times have changed and Science and Religion got divorced and Science married Politics and Religion has tried to be Scientific with not good results, at least in today’s climate of controversy…

“Religion” is a word used today with a meaning that is mixed up with the word “Organized Religion”. It was the organized form the US Founding Fathers had in mind with the word in the First Amendment. This, in spite of the fact that some of them, the minority of them, had a more personal view. And even those made a point of frequent church attendance, being Christians.

But true Bible believers should rejoice that that the Bible, is “not a science textbook”.

“Consensus” (unproven) science, has been knocked down hundreds, even thousands of times, by actual discoveries and real-world experimental results that use the real-world scientific method. And yet blind-faith followers acting like herds of buffalo keep picking up “consensus” and trying to make it look like it has some magical quality of truth to it.

> I think ID is an attempt to get Christianity back into the public schools…

Government child indoctrination centers (aka “public schools”) have made mincemeat of children’s brains the last century or so, and not just in areas that relate to Creation and Intelligent Design. In the US alone, the primary-school level McDuffy readers of 1915 (I have read parts of some of them) would humiliate Harvard grads of today.

The campaigns for “public schools” was driven –is driven– by forces that want an easily manipulated same-thinking population.

Faith in anything other than the almighty state is anathema to the plutocrats, and generates independent-minded thinkers. The only opiate that plutocrat Marxists will allow is their own pie-in-the-sky promises with which they fool the “public”, up until they take power and consolidate it, at which time they don’t care what you think.

That’s why the battleground fro freedom is shaping up to be the Internet itself. The American administration (both faces of the political duopoly), along with all the other national administrations, is collaborating in the development of strategies to bring it under control. They have only allowed it to get a network medium established that addicts the important elements of the populations. (They don’t think much of the unconnected poor).


That’s why they hate school vouchers, but they hate tax credits even more. They despise the idea of letting parents have any more control over their children’s education and future than the parents already have. In fact it interferes with their strategies to displace the parents’ role in the formation of new generations.

It is not just Christians who should be reacting with fury against the takeover of their children’s lives by the state, and indeed, there are many others. Misguided anarchists are one group, but there are even-minded atheists and people of other persuasions who are disgusted with the academic neglect of official institutions. Some of them even add one plus one and get two when they realize that the official government neglect of education in their turf is deliberate.

It’s a good thing we can know that even though they may build up their global dictatorship infrastructure to prepare for the Beast and his tyranny, he will have massive opposition from many different sectors of the body politic, not just the Christians who knew what was coming. And it’s a good thing that before he can totally destroy the world, Jesus will be coming back to put a stop to the madness.


Bioethics? What Bioethics?

August 7, 2010

Found on the Web:

July 31, 2010

BioEdge: From the Editor:

One area that we would like to cover more thoroughly in BioEdge is how some bioethicists are adapting their ethics to scientific developments. For thousands of years, it has been thought that some actions, like murder or adultery, were inherently bad. Now the new field of evolutionary psychology has “discovered” that good and evil are written into our genetic code and evolutionary history.

Obviously this upsets the applecart of religion, but not only that. A growing number of people – the transhumanists — believe that their destiny is to transcend evolution. Presumably, then, they would transcend outmoded morality, too. From what I have read of the theorists of neuroethics, we can look forward to revolutionary proposals in bioethics.

Is this something to look forward to? Or to dread? Leave your comments on this week’s article about a conference on the new science of morality….

That “evolutionary history” they’re talking about is just the required nod required of Darwinian nature worship when discussing biology, but as to the “discovery” that good and evil are bequeathed upon us from birth, this is exactly what thinking Christians have been saying ever since Paul said that good and evil were “written into [our] hearts”, as in ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, we know what it is:

Romans 2:14 For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves:
15 Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)

> Obviously this upsets the applecart of religion, but not only that.

This just shows how clueless they are. It is their own applecart they upset with this, because Christians have been saying in various paraphrases throughout he ages that we are not only created with a God-sized vacuum in our hearts, we also come with intuitive inborn understanding of what is right and wrong.

They are proving Paul’s point, because God said he made them that way, and this also shows another example of how science testifies to God’s word.

It often even appears in “discoveries” like this that God is letting them deceive themselves into thinking they found evidence for their own willful disbelief, to give them incentive to share the evidence of his glory in his creation with the world.

Psalms 76:10  Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain.

> A growing number of people – the transhumanists — believe that their destiny is to transcend evolution. Presumably, then, they would transcend outmoded morality, too. From what I have read of the theorists of neuroethics, we can look forward to revolutionary proposals in bioethics.

“Revolutionary proposals” baloney. Back to more depravity. They’ve already brought back prenatal infanticide, unmerciful “mercy” killing, public rewards for sodomy, impunity for presidential rapists, and while Planned Barrenhood never stopped with the race purification business, the usual professional God-haters are now openly talking about it.

These are some of the signs of the end, road signs that tell us the Antichrist Dictatorship is ahead and in formation.

But even though he wreaks organized havoc on the earth, even though he adds his own dosage of misery to the “natural” judgments of God to come in the Tribulation when he is persecuting the saints and oppressing the poor, even with all that, it says “He shall come to his end, and none shall help him”.


Even More Embarrassments for Anti-Creationists

July 18, 2010

Bicycle-man has provided us with more entertaining sound bites to use to showcase the bankruptcy of Darwinism.

Piltdown man was suspected early on because as more hominid fossils were discovered Piltdown didn’t fit the pattern shown by the others. Also, there were no primitive apes in England so that made it even more suspect.

Yeah, fifty years later, after getting showcased and front and center at the museum in London, when they found it was a fraud, everybody claimed they knew it all along.

Reminds me of a Pee Wee Herman snip from one movie, speaking of bikes, the ad for one of his movies where he falls off his bicycle and says “I meant to do that”.

It is a shame it took forty years to discover the fraud, but it was scientists who discovered the fraud, not creationists. This shows the self-correcting nature of science, something that religious nuts don’t have.

Ha, not creationists, so what, creationists were telling them all along it didn’t prove anything about Darwinism. Creationists were right fifty years before the “scientific establishment”, but they didn’t mention that in this blurb about “it wasn’t creationists”. Ha. But it exposed how desperate the mad scientist bunch is to have even a fraud for evidence, because they are so short on it!

One “evolutionary biologist” said you could fit ALL pre-hominid fossils into the back of a pickup truck.

And science isn’t self-correcting it doesn’t do anything. Scientists sometimes do what we call science. But for sure scientists are not “self-correcting”. Since they put God out of their thoughts it gets crazier by the minute.

And the delusion that scientists do not have any of the common foibles of common man, is an even worse delusion. Ask a real scientists who has been tortured through peer review and had a paper rejected only to see his own idea show up in somebody else’s published article.

That is “The way science works”. Ask atheist cosmologist and Royal Society Fellowship recipient Joao Magueijo, of the book “Faster Than the Speed of Light”.

Nebraska Man was never accepted by the scientific community.

But they promoted its use in the national press to pile dirt on William Jennings Bryant in the press across the country –during the Scopes trial. Some “coincidence”.

The use the same tactics today, use the court system to do their dirty work, preferably where they can find a good compromised corrupt judge. Watch out when you start using government halls to overturn the people by deciding which theories are “scientific”, you have trouble, and it’s going to backfire on you.

The Darwinian establishment is bothered by laws that even tell their students it’s okay to question scientific orthodoxy. That should tell you something.

Also, these examples you give are from the 1910s and 1920s.

Like the 21st century dino-bird in China?

And whoever said that Neanderthal Man is the same as modern humans is misinformed. They are close relatives, perhaps close enough to be part ancestor to some modern humans, so close that they are now considered by most to be a subspecies of Homo Sapiens. That doesn’t mean they are “just like us.”

“Just like us” is a big word. When it is a true hominid of the rare find, it turns out eventually the same as with the Hobbits they found in Indonesia and the Pygmies in Africa. Oh gosh, they are us!

Like Ota Benga.

This man from the Pygmy tribe in Africa was showcased –IN A CAGE!– at the St. Louis Fair as an exhibit of the “missing link” in man’s evolution, and shipped like an animal to the New York Zoo afterward. The man that was only released after protests from Christians!

Would ANY amount of evidence be sufficient for you to admit that humans share common biological ancestry with other animals? It seems you are very misinformed and that you have a closed mind to truth because you are looking at everything through filters of faith. I can’t believe in a God that would try to trick us by planting all these clues that evolution explains and predicts so neatly. Just a few would be one thing, but there is so much evidence of so many different types that all point to the same reality that it seems madness for anyone to deny it.

It’s not there, and you’re not offering any real evidence. God didn’t paint any such clues. It’s a “fairy tale for adults” like one evolutionary biologist said once. My faith is based on solid evidence, unlike maybe some Christians.

Again, would ANY amount of evidence be sufficient for you to admit you are wrong. If so, why don’t you already accept the truth of God’s creation (i.e., that evolution is as much a fact of nature as gravity is)? If not, why not?

I told you. Darwinism is a long-since discredited ancient pagan superstitious religious belief, with a new face painted on with big words meant to impress. I was once an atheist, evolutionist, communist, anarchist. The facts of science and history and logic took me to the Bible as the truth it is.

You can take an apple and drop it and demonstrate gravity. Breeding a cat from dog stock has never worked. Breeding a completely new form does not work. “Kinds”, or to use the paleontology term “forms”, have never been shown in the fossils to turn into other forms, except by the pure imagination of the believer, who in this case believes it by blind faith.

The gap between major forms in the fossils is wider than the space between clusters of galaxies, but in the fossils the vacuum doesn’t even have one atom floating around like there are in space vacuums.


Some evolutionists say it’s OK to deceive students

August 2, 2009

Evolutionist: it’s OK to deceive students to believe evolution:

Examples include Bora Zivkovic, Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE, and

Here are a few of those lies, some of which are going into textbooks into the 21st century, plucked from the above link (which has lots more to look at):

* Forged Haeckel embryo pictures, still used in many textbooks
* Staged photos of peppered moths which wouldn’t even prove goo-to-you evolution anyway but merely the creationist-invented theory of natural selection.
* Misleading analogies that cars and airplanes evolved when of course they were designed (Intelligent Design leader Phillip E. Johnson calls this ‘Berra’s Blunder’, and Ian Plimer committed this blunder too).
* Claiming that creationists believe that God must have created cave fish as blind.
* Insinuating that creationists deny natural selection and variation.
* Piltdown Man, an obvious forgery not exposed for 40 years, and the peccary tooth dubbed ‘Nebraska man’
* Archaeoraptor , the Piltdown Bird.


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