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Socialist anti-Christian Jim Jones and Historical revisionism

July 9, 2011

“How about the guy in Waco? And Jim Jones and all the other xtian loonies….”

I LOVE the opportunity to correct the record because it so much exposes the control-freak central-dictate nature of the anti-cult hysteria and the lies in Absalom Media.

The dangerous ones in Waco are exposed to be the mad-dog predator jack-booted thugs ordered to murder them by DC’s trophy Lesbian Janet Reno. That’s a whole subject by itself.

But to the subect of the “cults” and the hysterical hand-wringing over them (reminds you of 1930s Germany)….

My Dad the Pentecostal pastor protested to me on the subject about the audio he heard they played in the news of David Korresh saying “I’m God!”

They did not play the context. I heard the audio quote with context myself. What he said in that snippet in context was “Some of these people think I’m God. But I’m NOT!”

Jim Jones was everything else but not Christian. That’s why the leftist anti-Christian loonies in San Francisco loved him so much.

Absalom Media constantly repeated the fact that the camp in Jonestown had propaganda blaring on loudspeakers 24/7. What they hid from you was that those recordings were READINGS FROM KARL MARX.

Did you watch the video they made of themselves drinking the poison? One young black mother said “I’m glad to have this opportunity to sacrifice myself for the cause of SOCIALISM”. (My emphasis)

For the rich men thereof are full of violence, and the inhabitants thereof have spoken lies, and their tongue is deceitful in their mouth