Proclaim Liberty–Golden Rule Economics

In my life I’ve been through all kinds of philosophies, in an evolving sense of how to best help others and change the world for the better. Young idealists generally start out like that, and often attach themselves as I did to causes that promise a better world but often fall far short of expectations.

In this set of articles, I’ll make the connection between the Golden Rule, Biblical principles, godly living, and how these are best applied to our geopolitical realities in the 21st century. It may come as a surprise to many but they are the same as always throughout history as you will see. Some of the implications will come as a surprise to Christians around the world.

A lot of the perspective is that of a Christian living in the world of the USA in the first quarter of the 21st century. Non-believers may find it fascinating to see these connections, which are pretty much novel in the political and economic discourse of the day.

Certainly the truth of how Jesus would have us act today is different than what most of the Christian media is preaching, while at the same time much of it is the same.

More Christians need to hear it though, and much of the time, those who are of the Berean persuasion –you know who you are– will have an “aha” moment and the realization will come that this is what you were thinking all along, just needed a bit of articulation. I’ve had lots of help like that. Not because of the delivery, but because the message itself is compelling. Yours truly will make the best attempt possible to be a simple delivery boy.


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