Facts that make Flood-deniers look foolish:#3

Number 3 in the list of what makes Flood deniers cringe…

Darwinists go down in flames of abject defeat when they dare to engage in a debate with a fair set of rules. Darwinian evolutionist Ashley Motagu admitted in the preface to his book “Science and Creationism”, a collection of anti-creationist essays, having “foolishly” (his word) agreed to such a debate. He said the time of a debate is not enough to “explain” evolution. That’s what they always say, you just don’t “understand evolution”.

We understand it better than you do buddy.

Seashells can be found in almost every mountain and/or mountain range in the world. (That would be sea animals on TOP of the “geologic column”).

They litter the ground surface in many cases, such as in Iowa, where a personal fried told me growing up that they could gather as many as they wanted all over the ground.


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