Facts that make Flood-deniers look foolish:#1

#1. The anthropology.

..As much as anti-creationists want to hide their eyes from the implications of the universality of the Flood story and variations thereof in virtually all pre-Christian cultures, they stand as a witness to the Flood as documented in Genesis.

Something like 95 percent of all “pre-Christian” cultures have a cultural memory of a Flood affecting their members, in the form of a variation of the documented Flood story in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

By “pre-Christian” I mean the culture of aboriginal peoples before they came in contact with Christianity during the pre- and post-Columbian centuries.

More than two-thirds of these legends tell of the Flood being universal and affecting all the people of the world, and/or tell that the Flood came because of the wickedness of the people, and/or tell of one man and his family that was warned and saved from this Flood.

The Armenians and Azerbaijanis insist that Noah’s Ark rests in the mountain range known as Ararat. One monastery in the vicinity has kept pieces of wood said to be from the Ark’s remains.

Anthropology often uses such stories, even those isolated to one tribe, to reconstruct histories. Here is one that beats them all in scale.


One Response to “Facts that make Flood-deniers look foolish:#1”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Super post and a reminder to the doubters of the world that once again God’s Word can be trusted!

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