About TrueBook

About TrueBook

—Here you’ll see some views on truth, especially Biblical prophecy, within a comprehensive framework that most people have not had the chance to see.

—In Bible prophecy, for example, it is important that Bible believers learn how to interpret it for yourself, learn how current events testify to Bible prophecy. Biblical prophecy is not an obscure doctoral science for an elite of magnanimous priests to dish out for us through their own filters.

A lot of it has to have some explanation today, since there is so much trash piled upon garbage layers on layers, only serving to obscure it. People need to be able to properly discern, try the spirits, precept upon precept.

The approach to reading such texts is straightforward, and exemplified with specifics, with encouragement to “search the Scriptures, to see if these things be so”, just as the “more noble” Bereans.

This writer was a preacher’s kid, the shy kid in your elementary school, math student, (darwinian) evolutionist, Communist, syndicalist-anarchist, disillusioned, “Jesus freak”, missionary, husband and father, computer programmer, information technology instructor, and a few other things.

But I was always interested in truth, what the truth was about everything I came across. People who deny there is such a thing as truth have a set of basic principles that guide them.

A word of caution is appropriate on the subject. Be wary of the erudite and wordy philosophers who denounce the idea of an objective truth. The ones that sound the smartest are the ones who more honestly want to supplant the other guy’s with their own.


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