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They want to break the bands of the Lord’s anointed

July 16, 2016

And yet you constantly find Catholic conspiracies everywhere, even
though the Catholics get so much right. I just find your little
inconsistencies… interesting.

“Catholic conspiracies everywhere”?

When I was a missionary in the Dominican Republic, some friends of our work were going to sponsor a benefit concert with our musicians in a stadium in one of the towns. Leaders from the “official religion” heard and rushed to nix it as “incompatible” with the values of the Catholic Church.

The Jesuits drive the worst of conspirators since their inception, no surprise since their founding purpose was to quash the Protestant escape from Papal dictatorship. Cut out the middleman. “Let every man work out his own salvation”. “…one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus”. — Of course this new Pope seems to be interested in cutting any connection between God and man altogether, mediated or not.

The Jesuits form groups of twelve young students at an early age, to give them a sense of apostolate, all the better for lasting indoctrinate. We met one of them. He told us they were also trained to take influential positions and careers. (I encourage born-again Christian youth the same way). One was a “community” psychologist, another had a talk show. The latter guy interviewed us.

The psychologist was shocked to learn about Creation science, because one Jesuit was a famous paleontologist.

Psalm Two talks about the perennial and recurring conspiracies of the kings of the world “against the Lord, and against his Anointed”. Satan showed the Lord “all the kingdoms of the world” in a moment of time and said they were his. Jesus did not contradict him, but quoted the first commandment of all instead.

The world’s rulers, and the people who love this world more than God, hate dedicated Bible-believing servants of God because they have a ruler that trumps all worldly leaders all their plans. This is why they are always trying to subvert belief in the Bible. It is Bible study that is the hook that robs men’s souls from the clutches of death and hell, and gives them eternal life and heaven instead.

The little devils of “the people of the prince that shall come” are OF COURSE as the Bible says ALWAYS AND EVER conspiring to “break their bands from us”. We are God’s little Lilliputians who have them tied down. That’s right, NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, but the New World Order’s little dictators, including the bureaucrats of the new regional political structures hidden stealthily behind the fraudulent labels of “free trade agreements”, consider us believers as their worst enemies for that reason.

Globalists will have to crush Christians in the turfs they control before they can feel safe.

But some of them seem to have learned from a quote I saw one attributed to Montesquieu, to the effect that you don’t control religion by ordering it to do what you want under threat, but you “support” it, you “help” it, you buy into it. That’s why George W Bush pushed the so-called fraud “faith-based initiative”, and made so many evangelicals swoon with his answer of “Jesus” as his “favorite philosopher”. That’s why Lyndon Johnson snuck the “religious organizations” clause into the 501c(3) part of the tax code (giving the IRS power too) as if the state were supreme to religion.

Well, a few of us have awaken to reality, and a growing number of us realize that you cannot escape the fact, so there are SOME THAT DO DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, because that is what it is. Aided by what “Jesus knew what was in the heart of men”, when he rejected the demand of the crowd to make him king.