Un-hive your mind but watch out for deceivers

There is a web site out there that calls itself “the unhived mind”.

To me, That site seems a bit suspiciously too much like a youtube a fellow libertarian (and atheist) once pointed me to, at least the general “attitude” or even “spirit”, seemed akin to it. That one was by a professed and blatant and bitter guy who said he was occult and he claimed the same thing about the KJB, claiming Christianity was based in paganism. (He didn’t explain why he, being a pagan/occultist, hated such a “pagan” book). His attacks on the KJB rabidly. He also attacked the “salvationism” doctrine most loudly.

But this one takes a different approach. It shares a lot of definitely proven “conspiracy theories” that are still ridiculed today, like the federal reserve and the tendency by ruling power cliques to use “false flag” attacks, and so on.

So it’s designed to keep social dissidents away from the KJB.

It’s also designed for KJB-believing Christians, to scare them away from using it by claiming all this “secret knowledge” about it.

What a trick. Predicting what spirit-filled Christians and good shepherds have warned their flocks about for years, while still trying to resuscitate another “Gunpowder Plot the Sequel” against the KJB and the king that commissioned it. The Jesuits still plot today against “separated brethren” and have apparently pulled off a coup against the Vatican palace that banned them more than once in history for their political power grabbing. (Vatican had its own reasons)

…I can see Barry et. al. snorting through the nose over “conspiracy theories”.
Most people generally have that reaction, many Christians too, in spite of so much scripture about it (Psalm 2, Ezekiel 8, “fellows of the baser sort”, the conflicting false witnesses of the Pharisees against Christ, Jacob’s sons plotting to circumcise a town’s men so they could wipe them out over a rape of their sister, the conspiracy of Sanballat, the intrigues of Daniel 11.)

…Never mind the hundreds of palace coups and intrigues through all history, the modern list is very long.. MK Ultra, the syphilis tests, Gulf of Tonkin, JFK’s warnings and the silver certificates, CIA-engineered coups, secret kill lists, “The Creature from Jekyll Island”, the lawsuit filed by the MLK family against the execution of James Earl Ray, and so, so many more.

The KJB has the honor of being the ONLY English translation of the Bible that was sued by a sodomite for being anti-sodomite.

But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.–2 Timothy 3:13

Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.-Job 15:31

The Satanists hate the KJB more than any other. His agents infiltrated in the churches are exhorted by modern versions’ wordings exhorting to expel “divisive” congregants like bold KJBO advocates instead of “heretics”.

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