W-V Re: Is The King James Bible Double Inspired?

Sowing Discord: Modern versions, all of them, are divisive ,and have sown discord in the Church of Christ since Westcott and Hort. So that is a lie and a false accusation,. The Church used to be united under one book of the Scriptures; the modern “versions” ended that. Tell us, can we read aloud the Word of God in a congregation today, as one? Or is the Monarch of all books missing?:

And imagine that, some of the “originals-only” (and now we have an “any version-and not just any one only” guy) advocates, they accuse KJBO defenders as being divisive.

There are a few “infiltrators” who knew what they were doing who just waited until they could claim to have a majority consensus view that the KJB is not good enough anymore. Then they started calling us divisive.

Scofield wasn’t “divisive” exactly. He was sneaky like a snake, using the KJB because Christians then were not so dumbed down yet.

(Judges 17:6) In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.

There’s more in that verse that most understand, I’ve seen. I didn’t understand it fully before. They “did what was right in his own eyes” because they had left off trying to fully follow the word in their hearts.

They were leaving off having the word in their hearts, that’s why they sought a king instead of God, and instead of searching the scripture, and trusting God and asking him for wisdom to seek out godly counsel. So they got a government of men instead of God and his word and now we know how that turned out!


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