Bereans: more noble to search the scriptures “to see if these things be so”


Respectfully, you’re still ignoring my primary point… which is again… your point of view supported by what greater scholars have gotten out of the scriptures is balanced out by what other greater scholars have said that is different.

You may have gotten the idea that I ignored the “greater scholars”, but there is a good reason: the “greatest scholars” are going to open up the perspective to how to reason from the scholars for yourself. Sometimes I refer to scholars to clarify historical misunderstandings that are taught at corrupted Establishment seminaries (or as some of us call them, “cemeteries”).

Arguing from scholars is an argument from authority. If you “search the scriptures” like the Bereans, this is “more noble” than just arguing from authority. That’s why Luke wrote that.

You can’t dismiss that as “private interpretation” as if your own is not the same.

The scripture says that no prophecy is of “private interpretation” for a reason. It means the scripture is not ambiguous. Some things it does not address, but when it says something, it’s one thing. No “relative truth” here, just absolute truth.

You and those you agree with don’t own God’s mind or have a patent on interpreting It in the scriptures.

That’s why I keep pointing to the Bereans, who “searched the scripture”.

The Bible is not a simple set of elementary math tables memorized in second grade.

No it’s not, but if it makes a mathematical assertions, you can believe it. “Not one jot or tittle” shall pass until “all be fulfilled”.

I don’t know why you feel the need to deny others their right to interpretation.

I’m obviously not denying anybody anything. I quoted scripture. Scripture trumps Augustine, Thomas Aquinus, C. S. Lewis, and what it says trumps me. I’ve reported what it says and why. I would only say that if anybody contradicts scripture, they’re wrong.

You can find some detail in parsing out the Bible verses on the subject of the “Rapture” (among other subjects) at my blog at

Are you Catholic?

I only ask because I haven’t known any Catholics closely and the most negative encounters I’ve had online were recent and with Catholics. — With one condemning me for reading the Bible in the first place —- which was rather stunning and why I bring it up now…. I can’t believe a believer would condemn someone in such strong terms for the idea an individual should read the Word of God…

I’m sorry if you think this is a “negative encounter”, I have not meant it so, and note that I try my best to avoid any insults or even ad hominem arguments. Arguments from authority from the Bible are good, though. And I am not Catholic.

I believe I referred earlier to the King James Bible. That should be a clue, since that was the Bible the Jesuits planned to prevent with their own Gunpowder Plot. They planned to blow up the Parliament building while King James was speaking there, and they were stopped by one of God’s “coincidences”.

I have referred you and other readers to scriptures to show how they lead me to believe the doctrines that I share with others like the (scriptural) fact that Jesus returns and gathers us together “immediately after” the “tribulation of those days”, that was “spoken of by Daniel the Prophet”. Those three quoted phrases come from Matthew 24, and the sentence is directly and syntactically a logical consequence of what Jesus Christ said, and it is in context.

Note that scripture is understood in steps. Paul spoke of the milk and meat of the word. Isaiah spoke of getting to understand God’s word “line upon line, precept upon precept”.


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