More pre-Tribulation arguments

The set of verses that clearly point to saved Christians being on earth in the Tribulation also mesh well together.

Daniel, Revelation, Thessalonians, Corinthians, Matthew, the other Gospels, Ezekiel, some of the minor prophets, they all mesh into a tapestry that clearly lines up the Rapture happening after the trumpets of Tribulation and preceding the period of the vials full of Wrath.

It’s arithmetic and “rightly dividing the word of God”. There are periods counted of days, weeks, months, years (times), specific incidents “in the midst of the week”, after which you get troubled times, signs leading up to it all, and in Daniel those that “understand among the people shall instruct many” and those that “do know their God” shall “do exploits”.

There are also signs in the descriptions of those days that imply that God’s children may be protected in a special way, not just the 144 thousand.

Pre-trib teachers tell us repeatedly that post-Tribulation is a “new” thing. I have had discussions in which I point to Paul in 1 Thessalonians 5 where Paul says otherwise way back then and they come back and repeat that.

Repetition is not an argument against my response to the previous iteration of the same statement. PAUL HIMSELF said to STOP saying that the Lord will come any minute because that day shall NOT come until that man of PERDITION shall be revealed. Obviously meaning it’s not until after that. By the way, it makes most sense that it’s “in the midst of the week”, or maybe after. And that makes me think that though scripture does not say it will be public, this passage that the Antichrist will be revealed first (Thess) in my opinion implies a public pact.

And then they say God won’t let his children go through Tribulation because he said we are not appointed unto wrath. When I point out that there is a period of Tribulation followed by the Rapture followed by a period of worse plagues of Wrath, they just repeat what they said before.

Some of them will ask for scripture and actually consider it. I did, Kent Hovind did, other pastors and scholars and saints do.

He separated them out after Egypt had their fill of plagues. Not until. Your example bounces back like a rubber ball.

—Then they refer to the plagues of Egypt to say that God told Pharaoah to let my people go. This is a strange reference for the pre-Tribulation argument because the Israelites were still in Egypt during those plagues.

I have already answered the Egyptian plagues issue, before.

Repetition will get us in circles. Dizzy.

I have been saturated with pre-Tribulation doctrine from my youngest days in my Dad’s preaching in the Pentecostal church he pastored. A doctrine that denomination and another he co-founded declares in their doctrinal statements. It saturates the Christian radio networks and the biggest mega-church pastors and televangelists with prophecy programs. And reviews of the Left Behind series, plus a couple of the based-on movies.

I’ve heard all the arguments all my life and still do and have heard nothing new or convincing lately on that side. It only took a few scriptures to convince me otherwise. Among other things, I’ve seen very few attempts to respond to many of the scriptures I shared.

The Bereans were more noble.

My view changed on this and on several other doctrines under the weight of scripture.

I have continued with this mostly because many have not been able to see this perspective elsewhere, or not much, or have not thought about it. There is a reason that this view is spreading among the strongest Genesis-to-Revelation believers, among those that search the Scriptures.

Consider that from the same side of the fence there was an accusation it is new (it is not as seen in 1 Th 5:4, which also addresses the any-second now view), and at the same time it is accused of being as old as the Jesuit order. Actually it is as old as Daniel 9 and Daniel 11.

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