When is the “Rapture”

Well, this post is mostly to clear up the confusion of the “post-millenialists”.

Daniel obviously refers in 9:27 to a contiguous seven-year period. That lines up with “time, times and half a time” as we all know. This time period is repeated half a dozen times in scripture so as to be clear about it.

I say “contiguous” because “in the midst of the week” is when the AC breaks the covenant and sets up the “abomination that maketh desolate spoken of by Daniel the prophet” and THAT is the link between Daniel 9:27 and Matthew 24. Jesus said explicitly that THAT act starts off “The Tribulation”. So YES it’s hard to fathom I know but man oh man God help us be ready for worse.

Jesuits today, and their dark master the new usurper coup-installed (in my opinion) socialist Anti-Pope, are delighted to see so-called “anti-Jesuits” put the Antichrist so far in the past, because that takes them off the hook for the plans they have for us, in cahoots or in sync with the other dark societies.

So associating the stoning of Stephen, and the Roman destruction of the temple, both, as within the Last Week of Daniel does not compute.

Both the Mark and The Bomb would make it worse than anytime in history. The Hiroshima bomb and the Nagasaki wiped out a minority Christian community, but they were the biggest Christian populations in Japan in those days.

Bitcoin looks like an anti-government thing, which is why some libertarians embrace it, but it may be a Trojan horse to get people accustomed to an embedded “wallet ID” that connects to the Web. Sweden has announced plans to convert to 100 percent electronic currency in only five years. Central bankers are publicly discussing it.

At anarcho-capitalist web news portal www.lewrockwell.com and economics web site www.mises.org there are few “Austrian school economists”-* who are sort of predicting both a move to pure e-currency (my term for it) because that way they have control and access to 100% of our bank accounts. That way they can also go into negative interest rates to help them keep the green paper pig and its cohorts from inflating (devaluating) out of control.

*-Austrian economists are associated with free market economics, and they show how socialist and Keynesian (print more paper pigs!) economists destroy prosperity. Like what David said.

World geopolitics today line up with what you would expect for leading into the prophecies of Ezekiel 33-34 and 38-39, and Daniel, and Matthew 24 (and its gospel counterparts), 2 Thessalonians, 2 Corinthians, and Revelations.

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