Salem, witches, and the truth

Everybody remembers the Salem witch hunts (especially atheists and agnostics and lower-rank witches) but nobody remembers that it was SECULAR minded infiltrators who made the accusations, and many high-level repentant witches influential in the “background” have denounced that it was these closet witches, with greedy designs on the property of others (especially the more “Christian” ones that created the hysteria while their governor was away, who immediately put a stop to it.

Much more rare is the remembrance of the massacres and slaughters of Bible-believing Christians that had to flee the kings and tyrants and bishops of Europe. The plots against the independently Bible-minded believers (who validated leaders’ orders against the “Book of Books”) continued long after the Gunpowder Plot and continue today. So worried about witches in history, so nonchalant about the massacre of two million Christians in southern Sudan long before the noise started over the “animists” in Darfur.

The history books always leave out that the first Pilgrim arrivals were collectivists (in the sense of Acts 2 and Acts 4) that practiced a VOLUNTARY “socialism” with common property practice. Work and fruits of labor were shared equally. But it was VOLUNTARY; they had entered into this agreement by joining this migration. It took just one year to find out that it wasn’t going to work, people need incentives. The resentment against the successful is bitter; equal shares in the fruits of labor breeds resentment against the deadbeats. (Even labor hates deadbeats, so they say, in their demand to force others to give dues).


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