About the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate

Pat Robertson is an old Yale schoolmate and later presidential campaign supporter of Mr. Skull and Bones, the first Bush president, warmonger, best friend of the war machine and and socialism-lite, who multiplied the ranks of the CIA and the NSA, and who made a big joke about not finding WMD’s in Iraq.

But don’t worry, Christians that have the spirit of Christ can forgive, but the left-fascist government-media complex will never give him credence, and only publicize pronouncements like this one against other Christians that they hate worse, like Ken Ham.

For me it was same ol’ same ol’ I’ve heard many times, but to some extent Bill Nye’s detractors on the side of Official Politically Mandated Science were right and wrong both. Many of them said it was a disaster but only because it gave Creation science a fighting chance to be heard directly by an audience instead of the censored and adulterated pablum.

As to the one question, Ham has every right in the world to “drum up business” as much as do the manufacturers of Crony Government politically-approved textbooks that the State pushes onto children of Bible-believing parents. They make you and me pay for those textbooks without an opt-out, and they make billions.

Bill Nye probably saw it as a chance to do his showmanship thing for an audience of youth that might not hear it otherwise, but some of his arguments (and even some of Ken Ham’s answers) missed out on some very strong science pointing to Creation.

Bill Nye said a lot that Creation science endangered America’s technology role in the world. This is kind of crazy and Ken Ham missed pointing out that the telegraph, the electric grid, the combustible engine, the telephone, the photograph, Mendel’s inheritance research, Ben Franklin’s inventions, Michael Faraday, and so much more were feats of technology in the context of a culture in which the overwhelming majority were believers in the support of Creation in science.

He did list several accomplished Creation-believing scientists with lots of accomplishment.

One scientist Ham did not mention, I believe, was Russ Humphreys, he who predicted smack-on the magnetic field strengths of the outer orbiting gas giants, while NASA’s smartest were exponentially off. He did mention the inventor of the MRI, (whom, by the wasy, as passed up by the Nobel Prize for that discovery to give to lesser contributors to the feat).

Except for the predictable “our guy won” from places on both sides of the debate on the Internet, I think some objective voices were disappointed. On Bill Nye’s side mostly because he gave somebody the time of day, and on the other side (Creation) because Ken Ham did not use the best arguments.

In fact, there are a LOT of creationists that would have done much better than Ken Ham in that debate. Walter Brown has a long-running challenge out for any and all anti-Creationists, for an equal-time equal-rules debate whether with an audience or in writing, with ALL and ANY “profits” to be divided equally to go to the non-profit of either side’s choice.

Kent Hovind would have done better too. He has a way of showing how ridiculous it all is. His videos are available on-line to watch for free that he has had with others.


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