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Bill Nye, call off debate! – columnist | Creation Science Hall of Fame

January 7, 2014

Columnist calls to Bill Nye “(“the science guy”) to call off the upcoming debate with Ken Ham (creationist). He cited Eugenie Scott, who makes a living fighting creationists and intelligent design ideas.

And what does Dr. Scott complain about? She cites “The Gish Gallop.” The late Duane T. Gish famously listed all the reasons why evolution is weak as a model of origins. Says Scott: a debate doesn’t give an evolutionist enough time to answer them all. So people think evolution is weak.

So why isn’t there a “Scott gallop”? Maybe Nye has a “Nye gallop”.

Scott said also that people who “come across as trustworthy and believable” win these debates.

I can tell you one big reason creationists do “come across as trustworthy and believable” more than the darwinians in debates where people can hear both sides in a venue with fair rules and equal time, side by side.

The creation scientist always talks about science. The “Gish gallop” is a tour through lots of points from science. The darwinian and long-ages promoter says “trust us” and always talks about religion.

And when they bring up the “god of the gaps” (they eventually do as they run out of science defenses), they are admitting that they simply have no way to argue against the points brought up by Creation Science.