Atheists cherry-pick the verses they use

True that “so many have used Christianity to justify their crimes”, but then every evil man has used any kind of moral cover available to cover their own crimes, and the powerful have always used whatever excuse sticks.

It’s ironic because throughout history also, it has been Bible-believing Christians that have been the major victims of the crimes of Christians, the latter being nothing more than identity thieves, claiming credentials from the one who condemns their evil deeds.

Very ironic too, to say “cherry-pickers”, because atheists are the biggest cherry-pickers of the verses in the Bible they use to try to contradict it, while they ignore the ones that contradict them.

There are plenty of people who claim any number of things. There are people who say they answer to God, but act like they do not have a God to answer to. It is an idiot’s logic to say that proves there is no God to answer to.

God is real, he will not be mocked, and Lenin suffered in this life no doubt knowing what Stalin would do to his other colleagues, Stalin suffered thinking that everybody was out to kill him to take over like he did, men reap what they sow.


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