D James Kennedy, Genesis One, Jerry Newcombe, Bye bye megachurches

I used to listen to Kennedy’s radio station broadcasting from Fort Lauderdale and they had a program hosted by a science professor that taught at Westminster Academy, the Coral Ridge Church high school. It was a low-power station and I think the FCC just simply refused, each year, to let them boost their power for a wider geography.

He was a true champion of Creation Science and Genesis One, and many other things. I learned a lot from some of the programs, though the doctrinal ones were off.

Thew new guy who took over the church (by some kind of vote by members or board or?) is a pale shadow of cream puff preaching that tickles the audience ears. The radio station seems to have converted to some national network and cut a lot of local program. Ho-hum. No wonder Kennedy’s daughter Joyce is so disappointed.

Jerry Newcombe is apparently pastoring a church somewhere else, he would have been (or IS) a good heir to receive James Kennedy’s “mantle”, but I don’t think getting as much traction by someone telling it like it is will get that far anymore. Newcombe probably was the one who wrote some of the books that carry Kennedy’s name. His name is co-author on “What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?”

D James Kennedy’s biggest crown in heaven is that a former writer for Christian media who left his wife and kids to live with a boyfriend as soon as he found a “Christian” therapist who told him to do it, wrote that Kennedy “was the worst” in condemning homosexuality.

He shared one problem though and might not have gotten the fame he did otherwise but he built a mega-church. He should have trained an army of the faithful to go out all over and do the same. But he put too much stock in education, degrees, I guess ordinations, but he could have done a lot more by training a dozen more to do like he did. His growth came after a visiting evangelist to his church showed him how to witness to the lost.


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