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“After the Tribulation”

December 30, 2012

After the Tribulation: THe Pre-Tribulation Rapture Fraud Exposed” Official Movie:

I am delighted with this video presentation. After more than 40 years sharing this message of the post-Tribulation with anyone who listened when the subject arose, I am delighted to see such a change among Bible-believing Christians, so pass on my thanks to you and the others who worked on putting it together to help accelerate the spread of the post-Tribulation truth. I learned how a couple of verses also apply to related subjects too….

I was glad to see that Hovind had come to acknowledge the post-Trib view as Biblical. Not for nothing he avoided it before as he said. I remember even Hal Lindsey in his first big book, “The Late Great Planet Earth”, in the chapter where he said he believed in “pre-Trib”, he confessed in print that he could not find any verses to back it up. Zero! (Of course since then he decided to sue the same verses these other guys use).

And incidentally, by implication, the fact that God does not have “respect unto persons”, treating this group differently from that group, or having one rulebook for people and a different one for other people.

God is not the author of the confusion of Bible-babble translations, and God is not the author of the confusion of which dispensation applies to this group or that group.

It seems the pre-Trib doctrine got a bit of its own wind (hot air) independent of dispensations, because some of them use the gathering in Matthew 24 from the four corners of “heaven” to say we were already up there.

An Assemblies couple that owned a package store I used for awhile once told me a visiting evangelist had said the Lord told him directly that He was coming back before the Tribulation. They showed me how he had preached from 2 Thessalonians that the Antichrist would not be revealed until the Rapture happened first. They say that the “Spirit will let” is a reference to the saved still being here. I took them verse by verse through the context of it –the chronology is obvious– and told them to read it once more, forget about me and the pastor and the preacher and just read what it says.

After quietly reading the passage, she looked up and that was it. It was 180 degrees and another few people saw the truth.

There were 11,665 views showing when I saw it, may it get many more.

The truly saved will not be fooled but many of them will be surprised I think, but this may help divide goats from sheep.

In another note, Cyrus Scofield —who popularized in America the brand-spanking-new “post-Tribulation rapture” promulgated by the hustler Charles Darby in England. Scofield produced his extra-Biblical and un-Biblical notes that contradicted the King James Bible he so much despised, as can be seen ine his understated introduction. Elsewhere I believe he complained that Americans would not give up their King James Bible like his mentor Charles Darby was pushing in England.

The guy was apparently “converted” in St. Louis while in prison for fraud.

He should have been put back in for fraud when he came out with his notes that contradicted the Bible while saying he was “explaining” it. Gap theory and all.

God’s love is the answer to everything

December 16, 2012

God never “tires of his Creation“. We are the only ones that can put him off with our own self-righteousness and refusal to accept his love.

There is nothing wrong with his design. His creation was perfect, and he gave man a chance with only ONE little bitty itsy bitsy teemy weeny rule, not to eat of the “tree of knowledge of good and evil“. We did not know what good versus evil was until Adam disobeyed, Mankind has been making a mess of the Creation ever since. It’s not God’s fault.

Now we all know.

Man is who messed up. Forget trying to look at him as “human”, no comparison. He never tires of us seeking him, and he can handle it all, after all he created the entire universe.

And by the way, “religion” has no “hold” on science. Just go do science yourself. The Amateur Scientist put NASA to shame when he proved their measurements wrong on one type of radiation with $300 worth of interferometer equipment.

In fact the father of modern science wrote more about Bible prophecy than he did about science.

About what God thinks, he knows our frame that we are but flesh and he gave us his Son to take the punishment for our sins. God is love and is “not willing that any should perish”. Jesus said he came not to bring condemnation to the world but salvation. “The law came by Moses but love and grace came by Jesus Christ.”

I don’t have to second guess God, he TOLD us everything we need to know in his loving book.

“Neither do I condemn thee”, and “go and sin no more”. What is sin? Violation of the two greatest commandments which embody the whole “law and the prophets”: LOVE.