(AB) How are humans different from animals?

I am sharing this with everyone possible that might be interested in economics from a Christian perspective, based on Biblical principles:


Gary North is a libertarian that posts on http://www.lewrockwell.com on occasion, has written this set of volumes about Christian Economics, going through the Bible.

From some essays I’ve seen, I think he considers himself a (Roman) Catholic, but the series began with an article on Genesis, and he states plainly that his entire economics perspective is based on the Creation as related in Genesis One, that since the expulsion from the Garden of Eden, economics has been based on the principle of scarcity, and that all the secular perspectives are based on Darwinism.

I’ve read several of his articles, and they seem to be usually insightful when he talks about the political situation in the USA, and he certainly beats crap out of all the other Catholic “experts” I’ve seen. I haven’t read any of these volumes but wanted to share the information. I plan on downloading it all over the next few days.

He says he’s written 32 volumes, written over 30 years, and is offering them free up until December 31, 2012, with the expectation that those who read it will serve as proof-readers and inform him of typos, mistakes, and other such errata. After that, he says he’s going to charge a hefty price.

You can get to them at the above link, but here’s another web page where the links seem a bit better organized for downloading one after another.



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