“Dangerous cults?” Who are the really dangerous ones?

Too many Christians have bought into the “dangerous cult” idea which was precisely engineered to keep “Christianity” confined to the bigger, more malleable, manipulation-pliant denominations, the ones long-time established and marginalize true Biblical Christian believers, and eventually suppress the Gospel. Divide believers and conquer. The most dangerous “cult” of all in truth is the underground Satanic cult of the richest people on the planet and their political puppets hell-bent on building their Antichrist New World Order. (Psalm 2)

The main purpose for that propaganda-theme was to marginalize the strong believers in Christ. Satan doesn’t mind pulling down wild minority cults if he can keep Holy Spirit wildfire suppressed with it, and immunize the populace against it, by making the word “cult” a dirty word. Just stick that “cult” or “cultic” label on something and that way you keep the sheep from listening to them.

That’s why a lot of modern translation defenders have begun using the word against King James Bible believers, to scare people away from it, because arguments from facts leave them far behind.

There’s another much more diabolical reason the secular world wanted Christians to join in all the condemnation against “cults”. That way they recruit them into helping them stamp each other out if some of them get too much away from subjugating themselves to their secular rulers.

The Baptist church(es?) that rented their buses so that the world’s persecutors could go after a “dangerous cult” in east Texas, for example, based on hype and spin and maybe a little bit of truth thrown in to be convincing.

Or wealthy Christian parents paying big bucks to deprogrammers in the 1970s to kidnap adult children, drug them, keep them for days without sleep, put bright lights in their eyes, to get them to hate their former fellow believers. And don’t forget, like one of them said, “Take away their ‘specially marked Bibles’.”

Oh yeah, those “specially marked Bibles” are really dangerous, can’t have that.


“…Everywhere, this sect is spoken against…”

“..lest we be found to fight against God..”

The most “dangerous cult” in the world is the one that follows Jesus Christ and nothing can stand against it. The best weapon against false teachings is to share the truth, the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The truth from the Bible is the best weapon against the World Council of Churches, for example, which began with a whopping big donation from The Rockefeller Foundation! The WCC is the “Christian” organization that financed Mugabe’s guerrilla war in Zimbabwe when it was still Rhodesia, where his Communist thugs wiped out a whole village of BLACK-SKINNED Africans for the crime of welcoming a
white medical missionary doctor into their village.


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