Do atheists “need” a God to tell them it’s wrong to kill, tell lies, or steal?


Atheists can live more virtuous lives than many “Christians“.

Before the love of Christ changed the world, it was common around the world for people to kill, tell lies, steal, and adulterate with anybody they wanted to and could get away with. It was common enough under a presumed penalty of stoning to death even, never mind the diseases.

Then along came the Christians shaming everybody with the Golden Rule, and the real Christians had real trouble with people who called themselves Christians who acted like those pagans in their evil, until the Reformation unleashed the Bible to the common man and respecting your neighbor became a more common morality.

But then along came the Marxist regimes that had no fear of God at all and began not only killing people but slaughtering as many as 60 million in Russia, 200 million by some estimates in China, and half the population in Cambodia, ad infinitum, without even getting into the pagans and atheists of the Nazi regime who rejected the idea of a Christian God so they could have the old Teutonic morality shared by the eugenicists around the world who soothed their “conscience” and showed that they did not fear any “sky king” or God who would make them answer for their crimes.

When you don’t realize that we have a Creator, you can carry on the heritage of the Golden Rule to some extent to one or two generations forward, but it starts to get lost on the edges, like with prenatal infanticide and with euthanasia. Both are pushed by social engineers of 1984 and Brave New World style but people who don’t have the love inspired by the Golden Rule, or fear judgment, can pretend that the baby inside the belly is not a baby, is not a person, or that dissidents are dangerous and need to be killed, or that religious freedom means muzzling Christians.

Some people call themselves Christians but do not treat others as they would have others do unto them. Such people can say anything but show with their actions they do not believe in a God to answer to any more than any atheist.

But in the end, the Bible believing Christian knows that all of us are just as bad and sinners as anybody else, and if we do good we are still imperfect and sinful, and only God’s grace covers us.

In other words, nobody is perfect and nobody has any right to say they are better than anybody else. Anybody else. The difference is we are forgiven and we know that Jesus Christ has given us victory over death and sin, the proof is in the Resurrection.



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2 Responses to “Do atheists “need” a God to tell them it’s wrong to kill, tell lies, or steal?”

  1. Benjamin Lai Says:

    Well said, we are currently living in a society where mass opinion is king (not trying to stir a political debate, but that’s pretty much how democracy works). Without belief in God there is no such thing as objective morality. So long as enough people in the population believe something is okay to do, that becomes the moral standard. Every moral issue becomes debatable and nothing is left sacred without God.

    Thank you for qualifying that Christians are no more righteous than anyone else, except for the forgiveness we receive in Jesus Christ!

  2. trutherator Says:

    No apology necessary for saying something that sounds like a political debate, because who determines what is “political”? The prophets like Samuel, Elijah and others anointed kings to overthrow the other one, pronounced judgment on wicked nations, and God even meddled in “politics” when he told Samuel to warn the people about kings, that they would take their sons for all he wanted, he would send them to war and take a big chunk of their “increase”.

    Pastors always talk about rendering unto Caesar what is Caeser’s for paying taxes, but Jesus had some very unflattering things to say about the ones who determine how much taxes you owe .

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