Churches: Constitutionally non-taxable or exempt?

Churches were always considered non-taxable due to the First Amendment recognition of free exercise before the 1950s and 1960s, when Senator Johnson pushed religious clauses into the tax code and like magic, like always, another government law created a total new industry of accountants and lawyers to show pastors and churches how to get exemptions from taxes that they did not owe in the first place.

A few IRS officials were amazed that religious institutions were so dumb as to run to beg exemptions from the IRS from taxes they were not subject to in the first place.

The idea is that a truly mutual separation of church and state will not subject the free exercise to the whims or confiscations of the state.

That was one of the reasons Thomas Jefferson insisted in the Virginia constitution on banning ANY state recognition of ANY religious organization, meaning granting incorporation was banned for churches.

Jerry Fallwell, eager to subject the church under the thumb of the state, filed a lawsuit demanding Virginia allow his church to get a corporate charter, and the state was all too eager to make his religion a subject under the state.

I cannot stand it when I hear a pastor say he’s marrying people “by the authority vested in me by the state of…” Marriage is no business of any state, really.

That’s the problem with trying to enforce Christian doctrines with enforced laws. It gets turned on its head against them eventually.


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