How did that word “Easter” get into the Bible?

The word “Easter” by 1611 had its own meaning in English as the day to celebrate, commemorate, the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

How did the Greek god Apollos get in the Bible?

Titus 3:13 Bring Zenas the lawyer and Apollos on their journey diligently, that nothing be wanting unto them.

Every anti-KJB‘er that criticized “Easter” in the Bible contradicts himself every time he names a day of the week in English: Sun-‘s Day, Moon Day, Tiw’s Day, Woden’s Day, Thor’s Day, Frigga‘s Day, or Saturn‘s Day.

Gimme a break. And don’t ever utter the word “volcano” ever again, got that? Not for nothing the alien in the first Star Trek had that slight resemblance to Satan too! A Vulcan!

OH and are you a Creationist? Make sure when you’re explaining Creation Science to a “sheep” you’re trying to help into the fold, that you never utter the word Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune, Venus, or Mercury either. And don’t use the names of constellations either, it’s too easy to get the name of a god there too. Big Dipper, okay. Little Dipper, okay.

And you think you’re safe with all that? Watch out with names of towns. There are Christians that preach the Gospel in the Australian city of Darwin, I’m not sure. Not exactly a god, but he’s at least a High Priest of Wickedness.

Oh speaking of which the anti-Jehovah’s Witnesses make hay of the fact that the word sounds like the pagan goddess Astra, and the season was a time for pagan festivities all the way back to Babylon. Well, what do you know? Herod and wife were from neighboring tribes and as pagan as they come…

Are you a computer tech? Do you repair old printers like the Xerox Diablo line? I hate the fact “somebody” early on used the word “daemon” for the server programs that make the Internet work, but once in a rare occasion I’ve had to refer to the word so the other guy would know what I was talking about.

But that’s just me.


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