BUSTED: Squirming Jurassic Park movie science adviser admits why they avoid T-rex Carbon-14 dating

Listen to this interview with Bob Enyart calls Jack Horner, the technical adviser for the Jurassic Park movie, about carbon dating a T-rex fossil – YouTube:


They offered to give $10,000 to this fellow’s museum, even $20,000, to pay for the Carbon-14 test, and Jack Horner says no amount of money will get them to do it. “The spin they [creationists] can get from it doing it is not going to help us”.

Listen to him hem and haw admit that they don’t want to do it because the result might support Creation science. Meaning, they aren’t doing it because it will not give them the date they want. He punted by saying he’d talk to Mary Schweitzer about it, but this interview was October 28, 2011, and to this date they have refused to respond to this offer of free money because it’s attached to that condition. Not a “scientific test”!??!

That’s after radio host Bob Enyart knocked down the “it’s too old to try” excuse by pointing out that nobody expected to find soft tissue, either.


So these


___ And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

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