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Understanding the Bible, getting help, and translations

February 26, 2012

Someone wrote elsewhere:

….I have a son that has the same issues. He gets 2 verses read and has a headache and during that reading the words move and letters do jumping jacks. I have a question for you. Are you going to let MAN tell you what translation of the Bible to read and cause you to no longer be able to take comfort in the words of God Most High?

Rich has nothing to be frustrated about. I’ve had my own frustrations.

I tested out for gifted classes and was always good in spelling and vocabulary, and I am sure I was saved a child in the church where my Dad was pastor. But I went back to reading the Bible after I met some “Jesus people” and could not understand almost anything that I opened up random until I actually joined full-time and had some Bible classes.

You want to see confusion? Go to and open up almost any chapter, and click on the “V” for version comparison, now THAT is confusion.

And one of the most unrecognized truth in this discussion is that the KJB is the still the silent standard in the background, because Christianity in the English-speaking world was stabilized with it and the modern versions are now done with a sideways glance to the wording in the KJB, but even more so, the doctrines that were brought to light by it. (Trinity, Great Commission, Salvation by Grace, the Mark of the Beast, much more).

There are no perfect translations of ANY WORK of any author. There are better thans. The KJV has some really good sections over some others and then some really bad ones.

I have seen hundreds of “examples” of “bad” sections in the KJB so-called and they turned out to be silly, or stupid, results of ignorance of the English language, ignorance of doctrine, and other gaps in knowledge and understanding.

There are dozens passages in the scripture in fact that were obviously translations from other languages into the Hebrew. There is NOT ONE verse in ANY version that says God will NEVER anoint a translation from original languages for the future.

The NASB is a literal translation as well.

Of the proven corrupt Alexandrian manuscripts, which are as varied among themselves as the modern translations as well, but most likely use a Nestle-Aland Greek for the NT, based on the Westcott-Hart.

My recommendation for you is either an audio of the Bible or buy as used Kindle on Ebay. It has text to speech and will be read for you.

Here you have free downloadable audio of the King James, book by book, you can listen on-line too:

You find an audio read here too. Looks like they used to have the narration by Alexander Scourby online but the copyright holders of that recording revoked permission:

That’s really too bad, because (1) Scourby’s rendition was, in my opinion at least, anointed because it was perfect, and you could not distinguish Scourby from the reading of it. In other words, you were listening to the scripture itself and Scourby was not in the way.

That is what my son has and it is wonderful. Let the Spirit of God lead you into all truth. To say the KJV is the only Bible to read is absolutely ridiculous and leaves all people who do not read English without the ability to get the “perfect” words of God! What kind of God is that?

That would be your “kind” of God more than that of KJB advocates because the idea of “original languages”, because since there is such variation in copies today extant in “original languages”, that HAS to lead by direct logical mathematics to the idea of “original autographs only”, which of course are out of reach of all of us.

And yet 95 percent of the modern translations in English from the “original autographs” are based on 5 percent of the copies that exist today (with all the inconsistency and contradictions among them), while 95 percent of the oldest copies are the basis for the King James Bible.

Not to mention that until English became a language – no one on the planet could have access to God’s words. Does this not make sense to you? Who has the right to declare any book perfect? The Bible is the plumb line by which you test which spirit is talking to you.

In the times of Moses and the prophets, there was only ONE TRIBE that had “access” to God’s words based on that speculation, why would it not be a problem for the “original languages” and be a problem today?

If you “Try the spirits”, you will abide by the spirit of the word, not the letter. By their own admission, the modern translations trust in the letter of the law, meaning the pick it apart with man’s wisdom and they give priority to the world’s ideas about translation techniques instead of giving first respect to the Word itself.

The modern translations even brag about their knowledge of the letter, and it loses spirit. A Haitian-born co-worker said she could tell that the KJB did have more spirit than the other one she had used (that her pastor used). I met a gal from Brazil at a shop in a mall reading the KJB who said the same thing. (Her pastor uses the NIV). She could not stand the other bland versions.

We already have some people preaching that the mark of the Beast cannot be an implanted chip (like the one they already market) because of the mis-translation in all the MV’s (modern versions) of the word “in”, preferring the Harvard-grad translation “on”.

We already have some people (including Christians) claiming Biblical basis for believing in Darwinian evolution because man’s worldly language wisdom says Genesis One has “ages” instead of “days”.

We have Sodom getting fire and brimstone for “lack of hospitality” instead of sodomy.

We have Jesus Christ expelled from congregations for being “divisive” instead of the heretic getting expelled. Democracy rules, even if the majority is heretical.

We have John’s gospel saying jesus is “a god” instead of just “God”.

And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written, That man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. – Matthew 4:4Every word of God [is] pure: he [is] a shield unto them that put their trust in him. – Proverbs 30:5

Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. 0 2 Corinthians 3:6

Also, look up words and there meanings by using a simple thing like the Strong’s Concordance (it is not perfect either but it is a start) at

These are just my thoughts when I saw your struggle. God is more concerned that you get to enjoy the records He had others write down, rather than who published it or which king commissioned it or other silly man made rules.

Those objections are owned by the anti-KJB demagogues that have Ms. Raylene confused as well. And backwards apparently.

They are the ones who claim to know best about “who published it”, they pick their words based on “other silly man made rules”, and everybody knows that the “records [God] had others write down” do not exist anywhere today, and we only have old copies of them through many copies of copies. And some of them are likely translations from other languages but treated as God’s word. By the anti-KJB demagogues themselves.

Bible Believing Ministries John Hinton

February 19, 2012
A bible from 1859.

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Bible Believing Ministries John Hinton:

This is a deserving ministry.

The Devil has spread a flood of lies in all the world against the truth, and he’s using the most respected book of Christians to do it to Christians too.

But the truth will prevail, and the Gates of Hell will not stand against the truth.

Scriptural grounds for and against KJBO

February 19, 2012

The points they use against the KJB (‘What about generations past”) exposes their own bankruptcy on that very issue. How do they know which one of these has the “original Greek”? Well, they have their own “priestly scholars”, meaning the scribes and Pharisees they trust to tell them what the Greek means.

That is, they have to pick one and say “That one reference standard proves the KJB is wrong”.

Oh yeah? They can’t prove anything, because they claim that the only acceptable true standard to say XYZ is excactly what the Word of God says, are the long-gone “original autographs”.

Besides, they cannot point to any scripture at all that they can use to say that God would never preserve his word in later eras, in times to come, in a new language. Nor can they point to even one scripture that hints that God would be happy with one hundred “acceptable” variations from his Word to be used to cite “scipture”. Not one.

But I’ve seen enough examples here & elsewhere from people who do know Koine Greek (hundreds, maybe thousands) that even the Greek doesn’t help them.

There’s nothing conclusive on their side but the relevant verses are:

(1) the verses that promise preservation in Psalms,
(2) “Not one jot or tittle shall pass away till all be fulfilled” (*See note),
(3) “God is not the author of confusion”,
(4) No prophecy…is of private interpretation
(5) But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.
(6) “Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and [that] there be no divisions among you; but [that] ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.” (I Corinthians 1:10)

Syria: Rebels may be more dangerous for Christians and Jews than Assad

February 19, 2012

See my sister blog, with my answer to a Christian blog that advocated strong intervention on the side of the rebels in Syria against Assad:


Iran ElectionsIran Elections (Photo credit: bioxid)


KJBO-Deniers Have Affirmative Positions They Have to Defend Too

February 19, 2012

KJBO advocates do have affirmative positions, but so do the deniers.

One thing KJB critics always say is that the KJBO position is against scripture.

But they never give a scripture to support this claim.
But KJB defenders have an abundance of scripture to support the idea that God would have arranged for just ONE “version” of his word at any time, but above all for OUR times, since we are obviously living in the times of world history that occupy of in as much as half of Biblical prophecy. And prophecy is half to two-thirds of the whole Bible.

But the anti-KJBO deniers do not have even ONE scripture to back the two parts, implicit and explicit, that comprise their position.

#1, They deny that there is any one standard that stands above all the rest in a way that is independent of personal opinion.

#2. If there is any perfect standard criteria, the KJBO does not fit it.

To deny KJBO based on #2, they have to assume that there are principles by which we may determine that a version is wrong or right, or better or worse in some passage than another “version”.

What’s amazingly informative to me in all these discussions is that once anyone decides that God would want to have one standard bearer of his Word, and not a confusion of voices, it doesn’t take long for them to land with both feet on the KJB.

Questions for KJB advocates with answers

February 6, 2012

Here are some questions I recently saw meant for KJB-Only believers, with my replies in-line and indented.

1. The KJV (English Version) had to be translated from Greek and Hebrew. So, why is it hard to believe that the Bible can’t be translated from middle English to modern day English?

Nobody that I know, and least of all the KJB-defenders as I am, say that the Bible “can’t be translated from middle English to modern day English”. From the KJB perspective, in fact, God can even bless a translation.

The question is whether God wants a proliferation of divergent renderings for the world today, or whether God would have us “speaking the same thing”.

The other question is “By their fruits ye shall know them”. The fruits of modern translations show corrupt fruits in some of the ambiguous wording and in some cases opening the door for bad doctrine. The root of the corrupted Alexandrian versions and many other reasons, but mainly the testimony of the Lord is pure.

I have seen modern translations used to deny the six-day creation in Genesis, and heard of the use of modern translations to say an embedded chip cannot be the mark of the Beast.

2. Men, women and children were murdered over the English translation because many of the Church leaders and Rulers did not want its people to understand scripture. Truth will set you free (John 8:32).

This is one of the myths. The KJB is in English and understandable to anyone who can get through the psychological barrier put there by words of man’s wisdom. Today, with the proliferation of so many versions du jour, we are told that only the “original autographs” are inspired, the “original languages”, so you need a Greek scholar to tell you what it means.

That’s the modern equivalent of the historical church telling its parishioners that they couldn’t understand the Word as God intended, they need its priests to tell them what it meant.

But God knew that today, nobody anywhere would be able to point to even on “original autograph”, and scholars will tell you that nobody has any copy that is verifiable as being an exact modern replica of the ancient copies.

BUT the scripture being the most important thing that God cares about, it only makes sense that he would provide a standard for the modern world and that it would be in the only common and agreed international language for business, commerce, trade, diplomacy, culture, international air flight coordination, and in any venue you can imagine.

3. The “cry” of heresy that arose from the crowds of yesterday are likened to today. The difference being, their fight was over Power whereas today’s fight is due to a weird form of Idol Worship or stubborn ignorance…or both?

I don’t know what idol worship would have to do with the discussion, unless the belief that God would prefer one standard for the world today is equated with “idolatry”. Certainly like David “I am in awe of thy word”, and “In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”.

4. What side would the KJV Only crowd have been on during the days when the Men of God were trying to liberate their people due to this barrier. Would they have been burned at the stake or would they have been the persecutors?

The precursors to the KJB, obviously held in the highest regard by the KJB committee and expressed so in their Preface, history tells us they were the persecuted. The Gunpowder Plot was hatched to stop both the Reformation in England and to stop the translation, as the Roman hierarchy was determined to hide the Word from the people.

5. My favorite question’s for those who subscribe to Onlyism: By what power is a person saved? Is it only by the KJV that man might be saved? Is “The Word” in the Gospel of John referring to the “Word” version or “The Word” Jesus? How do any of us come to the knowledge of Truth…is it through the reading of the KJV or the enabling from the Father (John 6:6)?

Salvation does not require even the exact wording of any verse obviously, you can use a paraphrase from memory even if need be.

That is a separate issue from whether God is the allows confusion when it comes to his word. It’s like the devil is pulling a Babylon in reverse: causing all the Christians to speak different things when they’re quoting “God’s word”. His communication is yeah, nay.

Words have a power all their own

Words have a power all their own (Photo credit: waɪ.tiː)


The word in fact exhorts us to “speak the same thing”. “God is not the author of confusion is found in the chapter where Paul exhorts those who speak in tongues to rather prefer to prophecy but if there are tongues, to interpret in the vernacular. But not to confusion.


One of the kickers for me is Revelation 13, where the KJB is the ONLY English version that says the mark of the Beast will go “IN” their right hand or “IN” their foreheads. ALL of the other versions say “ON”, and that does not match “mark” which in the Greek (look it up) is an incision or groove.

As a software engineer I can tell you they are building toward an electronic international currency or credit system in which everybody gets an embedded chip.

Love and Health and Romance

February 4, 2012

New post at Trutherator’s blog: