22 December, 2011 03:15

I don’t know whether this a Jehovah Witness author, but see where there are plenty of Christians who condemn the practice of Christmas trees:


I put up with it at my house, but I make it the “ever-green” a symbol of the everlasting life we have in Jesus Christ.

There is plenty we have around us such that we could spend days listing out the things that we have taken from pagans and put to good use, or at worst simply changed their meaning. There are some people who condemn using the word “Easter” instead of “Resurrection Day” for celebrating the risen Jesus Christ, but they miss the point. There are some who say it has to do with the Sun rising in the east as a symbol of rebirth, but I’m not much convinced and it it totally does not matter except mostly to two groups. One group is of well-meaning Christians who want to end all vestiges of paganism. The other group is of witches and pagans and “scoffers” who want to either disparage Christianity or –in their own minds– belittle it.

“We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth”

One fellow believer recently objected to using the word “Easter” and asked him if he meant to worship the German god Thor every time he used the word Thursday. He didn’t answer it but the resolution to this thing is to know that in today’s English Easter means Resurrection Day.

The noise about public displays of CHristianity, however, are not about courts refusing to put them up. The noise is about the courts tearing them down, like one court is trying to do in one small town in Texas, instigated by only ONE guy plus a well-funded national outfit operating from Madison, Wisconsin.

Such atheist prosyletizers, as I call them, the militant ones like “Freedom From Religion”, are not interested in freedom but in abolishing the holiday:


Dan Barker, with the Freedom From Religion Foundation,said if the foundation had its way, Dec. 25 would be banned from being a state and federal holiday and government employees would work on that day.

There’s only one reason those sons of grinches don’t sue to ban Christmas holidays for government workers (and their druthers are to ban it for all of us of course, since they want freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion:

Barker said they are opposed to government employees taking the day off and would like to see the holiday go away. When asked why they do not file a lawsuit over Christmas itself, Barker said it was because, “No judge in the world would rule in our favor.”

This writer clarifies how and where freedom of religion –including freedom of atheism– was first introduced into our culture:

Staver said it was ironic that the organization was protesting open displays of Christianity when it was Christians that gave them the right to protest in the first place, by advocating freedom of religion.

“The only reason they have the freedom of speech to do what they do is because of Christianity. If they were living in a Muslim country they would not be able to get away with similar activities.”

Roger Williams, a Baptist preacher, founded the town of Providence in what would eventually become Rhode Island. At the time of its inception, Williams issued a compact that declared the inhabitants would submit to government authority “only in civil things.”

Historian Henry C. Vedder wrote, “Thus was founded the first government in the world whose cornerstone was absolute religious liberty. It is true that a few other countries had before this, and for periods more or less brief, tolerated what they regarded as heresy; but this was the first government organized on the principle of absolute liberty to all, in such manners of belief and practice as did not conflict with the peace and order of society or with ordinary good morals.”

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