Discern the Signs of the Times

“No man knoweth” was spoken by the Lord in his PRESENT tense at the time, same as “See ye not all these things?” He told of the destruction of the temple and the long list of signs in the FUTURE tense. Is the bridegroom still on earth with the bride?

No man in those days knew the day nor the hour because the book of Daniel was sealed up. Now the book of Daniel is (mostly) unsealed because it’s world history now.

Besides, the “day nor the hour” is one thing and the month or the year is the other. Jesus referred to Daniel, which together with Matthew 24 and the Gospel accounts of this prophecy plus Revelation, tell us a lot about those 7 years, including the 3 and 1/2 years Tribulation, “IMMEDIATELY AFTER” which Jesus said he would appear.


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