Libya: Interventionism again made it worse

Okay, here’s another occasion for Ron Paul to say “I told you so”, but he’s much more civil than that. The link below names names to the al-Qaeda figures that the US took off the terrorists list so they could set them up in Libya, and the Muslim Brotherhood leader that is now the “titular” head of the ruling council. Even after Gaddafi has now spent years helping the United States cooperating in the “war on terror” and a few months after Obama folks called him a really nice guy…. One of the al-Qaeda’s biggest enemies too..

That’s interventionism run amok, folks. Is this what Americans voted for in 2008?

And the inmates running the asylum are singing the same tune as always. Tawarga was a town of about 10,000 blacks. “Tawarga no longer exists”, they brag. Reminds me of the anti-war drumbeat quote from Vietnam, but these guys make no bones about wanting to save anything.

“The Brigade for Purging Slaves, Black Skin” — apparently a rebel slogan — was found months ago scrawled all along the road to Tawarga. By mid-September, the coastal city of about 10,000 mostly black residents had essentially been wiped off the map. Rebel forces rounded up the remaining inhabitants and reportedly shipped them to camps, although reporters searching for the former residents were not able to locate them. Homes, businesses, and schools were then looted before being burned to the ground.

Finally, graffiti reading “slaves,” “negroes,” and “abeed” — a derogatory term for blacks — was painted all over the ruins by NATO’s revolutionaries. The former city then became a “closed military area,” according to rebels guarding a checkpoint interviewed by the McClatchy news service. “Tawarga no longer exists,” a rebel commander told the Wall Street Journal. Another rebel fighter boasted: “We are setting it on fire to prevent anyone from living here again.”

In late August, the U.K.’s Independent reported that a makeshift hospital had become a ghastly crime scene. Dozens of men, almost all of them black, were murdered and left to rot — some of them still hooked up to medical equipment. “The killings were pitiless,” the paper observed. “Many of [the victims] had their hands tied behind their back, either with plastic handcuffs or ropes. One had a scarf stuffed into his mouth.”

Amnesty International’s Nicolas Beger condemned the wanton savagery in an interview with the Associated Press, saying sub-Saharan Africans “are at real risk of being taken from their work or their homes or the street to be tortured or killed.” A report released by the organization noted that Gadhafi’s regime had perpetrated widespread abuses. But rebel forces “have also committed human rights abuses, in some cases amounting to war crimes.”

This article doesn’t even mention the crosses they are cutting into the skin of blacks…

They did list some of the racist genocide that the new guys have perpetrated. Remember Sudan? After two million slaughtered in that racist genocide, Southern Sudan is finally a free country.. And they are still being attacked by the government in Khartoum…

Even the reporting by Western Media’s “liberal” leanings could not refrain from repeating the lie of “black mercenaries”. These were black Libyans. Oh yeah, another little-mentioned thing: Gaddafi’s ban on polygamy is gone. These are “liberators”?

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