I’m sorry but saying there’s no evidence that the Bible is “special” as in based in truth is one of the stupidest lies that the government-media complex indoctrination machine has ever “taught” us. It is one of the most criminally negligent sin of omission in that “schooling”.

Archaeologists have dug up tens of thousands of pieces of evidence that testify to the total history accuracy of Biblical scripture. They have to look very very hard to find any historian who even expresses doubt historical names, places. And some who set about to disprove the Bible became believers in Jesus Christ, the only basis of “religious” faith today that is based on historical fact.




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  1. disciplegideon Says:

    The Word will always be under fire! Because it sets God above man, and man does not like this. The Bible IS the standard, but man tries to make science his standard. But true wisdom shows us that science is God’s signature and plainly shows us His awsome power. It is a truth that will echo down the halls of time until the Lord decides that harvest time is ripe for reaping. Taking control out of a man’s life and putting it squarely on the shoulders of a divine being is not in man’s nature. However, it is a divine plan meant to convict those who do not believe, not by judgement through the law but by love. Excellent post! Keep up the good work and God bless.

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