Law of nature ‘not so constant’ after all

Law of nature ‘not so constant’ after all

Take note that as quickly as the second paragraph, they subtly divulge one common thread that runs through a lot of the thinking of science today, and that it relates to the “true origins” discussion:

Professor John Webb, from the University of New South Wales, and colleagues, say their findings could help explain why it was possible for life to develop on Earth but perhaps not in other parts of the universe.

Then further on:

“The answer may be that other regions of the universe are not quite so favourable for life and the laws of physics we measure in our part of the universe are merely ‘local by-laws’, in which case it is no particular surprise to find life here.”

See, they know, somewhere inside, that Guillermo Gonzalez was right in his book, The Privileged Planet, that we are in a unique place with a very unique combination of conditions in a very special universe that has a design that “appears to be” intended for life. Here they discover yet another way that Guillermo Gonzalez is absolutely right on with the main idea of the book, and yet they do a pretend ho-hum, that explains it, an intellectually nervous kind of reaction.

The anthropic principle –and the privileged planet principle– is a big monster for them hovering over their shoulders in all the science they do, and they’re trying to exorcise the ghost and they keep failing miserably, and they know it. But they keep on cheering themselves on, keeping hope alive.

The physics of the universe, the configuration of the local spacial neighborhood and the universe itself, the confluence of conditions for our planet, everything points to a designed Creation.

2 Corinthians 13:8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth.

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