Exodus International opposes Ugandan Government’s Severe Criminalization of Homosexuals

Such laws are just as heinous and harmful to the cause they supposedly espouse as laws that criminalize religious doctrines that condemn the practice:

Ugandan Government Poised to Harshly Prosecute Homosexuals — Exodus International:

“Neither do I condemn thee”, said Jesus to the adulterous woman, but you have spiritual heirs of the Pharisees today who want to stone not only the adulterous woman, but there have other branches of that self-righteous family tree today that want to criminalize such doctrines as Christ’s love toward the adulterous woman, putting in danger thousands of Christian ministries.

What the Brownshirt factions don’t realize is that they are being used as cannon fodder by their manipulators against dissidents. The biggest danger to tyrants is people who are not afraid to violate thought bans, and the ones who are least intimidated by such bans are the ones who know that we all answer to a higher authority.

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