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On 10/16/2011 11:13 AM, D R Lindberg wrote:

Here is an article that some people here may wish to discuss. “Darwin was, in many ways, a model of good scientific method. He observed the world around him, developed a theory which sought to explain what he saw, and then set about a long and painstaking process of gathering evidence that would either bear out, contradict, or modify his theory.

Darwin did no such thing AT ALL. He parted from the obvious interpretation of the evidence of hundreds and even thousands of years, that like begets like, with variations within limits, and did absolutely no “experiments” to test his revived ancient pagan myth. If he had, he would have gotten the results demonstrated by the one who did: Gregor Mendel.

Even Stephen Jay Gould admitted in an article he wrote for an anti-creationism book that with Darwinism, the scientific method does not apply.

Of course Mendel’s results were blacklisted until the propaganda had firmly entrenched the pagan myth in the minds of the smarter-than-God crowd, gullible and minds weakened by hubris.

As a result, our understanding of the world is expanded, but the scientific process continues.

The backwards interpretation of actual real-world discoveries and facts in fact has continued apace ever since. Darwinism is not “tested” against evidence, it is tweaked to save the basic principle of avoiding the obvious and blacklisting God from the discussion.

It started en grande with Thomas Huxley’s emotional appeals to irrationality and his quiet blasting at Darwin for daring to admit that the fossils were evidence AGAINST the theory that finally had supposedly made atheism intellectually respectable. As if.

..There is nothing here that contradicts Christian teaching.

There is another BIG LIE. Variation that began with the original kinds continues in the real world, but the historical projections to the past obviously DO contradict Christian teaching, except for the teaching of wolves in sheep’s clothing. And lies don’t count.

As a matter of fact though, in another way, Darwin’s folly and its neo-Darwinist spawn do fulfill Christian teaching, the prophecies of 2 Peter 3 and Romans 1, which says that such philosophies would show up toward the end-times.

Genesis One is true and makes no disclaimer or qualification to itself. In fact the six-day creation is stated in three different and very clear ways, distinctly:

First the flat statement of creation in the first verse.
Second, each day is enumerated with cardinal adjectives, first, second, third, fourth, fifty, sixth, with a list of things created on each day. The Gap theory is eliminated by the fact that light, water, the firmament, plants, animals, stars were created during this (“Let there be..”). A previously “destroyed” Earth would contradict this.

Besides that, each of those first through sixth day are identified specifically as “evening and morning”. That’s one calendar day throughout the Bible.

Plus, the six days plus one are shown man as the way he is to observe a rest day. Long before the laws of Moses

Now, there is no contradiction AT ALL between science and the Bible. True science testifies to the truth of the Bible, in fact.

…Whilst Christians believe that the Bible contains all that we need to know to be saved
from our sins, they do not claim that it is a compendium of all knowledge.

Now there is a straw man if there ever was one, because NOBODY claims that the Bible is a “compendium of all knowledge”. However, it IS the standard by which we can measure ALL truth. If an assertion agrees with the Bible, it’s true. If it contradicts it, it’s wrong. If it’s somewhere in between it gives strong clues and helps you know how to know.

God never deceived anybody with the evidence in the real world, it cries out the truth of Genesis One and the six-day creation.

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