Protecting babies from prenatal infanticide

There’s a bill that just passed in the House that is meant to prevent any federal money paying for abortions. I doubt it will actually do that with indirect fungible budgets in entities that receive money, but anyway, nobody should be required to pay through taxes except for that required to criminalize murder and enforce private property rights and enforce contracts. That means of course, the end to corruption in politics since they should not have money in the first place to give away to rich patrons or anybody else, because they have to confiscate it from somebody else. Economists call it “moral hazard”.

That’s why Karl Marx and the 19th century Communist Party pushed for the “graduated” income tax, which is never “equal treatment under the law.” Take more from somebody because they worked harder, or they were smarter about their money? Take food stamps. The people that waste everything and spend their savings on big TVs and fast cars and don’t have anything left can get Medicaid while the guy who lost his job but has a good nest egg gets nothing.

I doubt that the bill actually prevents insurance from paying for abortions, like some have said. There’s got to be something else they’re not saying when they say that, like, for example, the “insurance” they’re talking are the ones funded by Medicaid or Medicare or other federal funding.

Fetus is Latin for “baby”. Just as when elective abortion was seen as one of the horrors of the Nazi holocaust, which it was, the day will come again when society at large will recover its decency on the subject. “Of such is the kingdom of heaven”, but it’s not just a Christian issue, it’s just that for those who know they will have to answer to the truth one day, it’s not so easy to say “Out of sight, out of mind”.

Open-minded atheists can understand the most basic human right, that of the right of life:

There is an attempt at rebuttal to the godlessprolifers web site that quotes Ayn Rand but instead of talking about “human life” or “life”, they try to redirect the conversation to “identity”. They do talk about infants having the right to life, but then there same arguments apply to the baby in the womb. I have seen babies in the womb interact with us outside the womb, I’ve had a bunch of kids. They respond to you, they get restless when Mom is nervous, they have personalities inside there that are just like the ones they continue with after they exit.

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