Huge Footprints

I can believe it. They have found beaver skeletons the size of cars, cockroaches the size of rats, and birds that could never fly in today’s atmosphere.

Archaeology rules and this is also compatible with the Bible. If mammoths grew so big, and beavers, then why not humans to scale?

It also makes sense that the devil’s human agents would want to cover it up, as it would play havoc with their evolutionary fairy tale. But it fits right in with Biblical history. They want their new Bible versions to tell you Goliath was only 7 feet tall or something (shorter than some of today’s African basketball players!)

More dangerous truths than this they’ve been successful in covering up, like the trail of blood in the Clintons’ bios, and the three gay members of Obama’s Chicago church all dying brutal violent deaths within a month of each other:


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