Australian Court declares biology illegal!

Penises optional for men, says High Court | The Australian:

Not making it up:

It reinstated orders to give them certificates after deeming “gender characteristics” were socially recognised physical characteristics.

Next up in the legal world: Surviving Heaven’s Gate monk sues to be recognized as the world’s first “non-gender” human, neither male nor female. Joined by an cultist who says sex is evil. Joined by a UFO-cultist who swears aliens converted him into one of their own third genders, who is demanding recognition as a third gender, who says the

Yes, I did make those up. About the “non-gender” human, and the “third-gender” human. But lo and behold, they have already done it. So since languages can have three genders, and animals have all kinds of weird sexual stuff going on, they thought they could mutilate their bodies and call say they were something else now. Yes indeedy.

So there’s a new legal defense for the wife who killed and cooked her husband: You see honor, I was just in my identity as a hungry female black widow spider, and he looked so deilcious…

Hey you! Down under! Don’t you know about DNA yet? You know, X-chromosomes, Y-chromosomes?

What’s next? The guy in California who gets surgery overseas to make himself look like a cat, is he going to get a judge to declare him a “genuine” legal feline? (Yes, he’s real, I did not make him up, I saw him on a Discovery program!)

Here’s an idea: Maybe Mr. Cat can get the San Diego zoo to put him in a cage as the first trans-species specimen! Raw meat for life just for being a cat!

He might have to get a court order to prevent the Humane Society from picking him up in the wild streets of California or putting him to “sleep”…. Oh wait. Won’t work. He’s in California. That’s where we got South Beach from here in South Florida. He fits right in.

Did he march on Wall Street by the way? Anybody see him there?

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