ChristianBibleTopics Systematic articles of faith part 2

>>Yes I am aware the universe is over 13 billion years old. At least you recognize the universe had a beginning and do not accept the steady state universe as Fred Hoyle believes…John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

And the truth is, the universe is not any billions of years old, even millions, but thousands.

The fact is that to make the billions work, they have had to fantasize a 98 percent of the universe, populating this fairy tale “universe” with all kinds of non-observable phantoms like dark matter, dark energy, and other bugaboos, while denying the obvious contradictions to the myths like quantum distribution of red shift in astronomical observations, and the obvious physical entanglement of quasars and galaxies with massively exponentially different red shifts.

Not to mention the hysterics you get over the anthropic principle and mathematicians’ devastation of neodarwinian mutation-selection hypothesis for creation of new kinds (“forms”) in biology.

Oh yeah, and the trade secret of paleontology getting blown into the open.


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