As Christians tend to say that Jesus sets us free, but many do not fully understand “freedom”.

Christians have various “kinds” of freedom. We are free from guilt for one thing.

When we tell a person about the need for Christ or talk about sin, sometimes they’ll tell you they don’t want you laying a “guilt trip” on them. But in Christ, we have –should have– no guilt trips at all.

Accepting Jesus Christ is the ultimate freedom from all guilt trips, as much as you can handle. This doesn’t mean you “sin” with impunity, just that it’s a new world with new eyes and your mistakes, transgressions and errors are just steps in learning and becoming more Christ-live. You are able to live out the love of God better, with time.

That’s one freedom, it’s the freedom from sin and death, sin being nailed to the cross and the triumph over death for us, as proven by the Resurrection.

That’s one freedom.

With that freedom comes another freedom, one that we can have according to our faith in the first one.

“The truth shall make you free”. Freedom is not the act of satisfying every little twist of the desires of your flesh or your ego. It is knowing the truth. The truth is something more precious than all the gold or silver in the world, the truth of the Gospel, knowing who’s in control and what the end is.


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