KJB and modern English

I just met a young lady the other day in a mall tending a kiosk, from Brazil, who was studying a King James Bible, and she said it was a LOT easier for her to understand than the other versions some people use in her church, and she can’t understand why anybody would use anything else.

Another sister where I used to work also said that she found that there was a real difference in the spirit of the KJB from the others and she changed to it.

The rejection of thou’s and thee’s is pure baloney. As if “slave” were more understandable than “servant”, when in fact the meaning is NOT for “slave” in today’s English, so it’s pure baloney too, to say they’re “modernizing” the text because English is changing, liars.

And you can’t tell me that a “slave” of Christ is more accurate than “servant” of Christ in today’s English.

And you can’t tell me that dropping the important conclusions to the gospel of Mark and The Great Commission makes no difference to the accuracy of your Bible.


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