Fw: The world pays homage to the King James Bible at its 400th anniversary May 2011

The 400th anniversary of the first publishing of the King James BIble (also called the “Authorized Version”) is coming up, Monday, May 2. It was first published on that day in 1611.

God causeth even the wrath of man to praise him, and so even while the world’s attention was focused on the Royal Wedding just consummated in England, over at the Westminster Cathedral they are celebrating the publication of the KJB, 400 years later, they are opening up a multi-faceted exhibit focusing on the anniversary of the event that changed the world.


In honor of the anniversary, the “King James Bible Trust” got all kinds of well-known personalities to read a passage for an audio recording of the entire King James Bible, including the Queen and the Prince of Wales, and getting even some enemies of the word of God like Richard Dawkins to gladly offer his own homage to this Book of Books in a video you can find on Youtube. One quote from him: “You don’t know English literature unless you know the King James Bible”, because of its massive influence on both literature throughout the ages and its stablizing effect on the English language itself.

The Bible Nation Society is coordinating with other national organizations, universities, and groups to host the KING JAMES BIBLE 2011 EXPO in Washington D.C. May 2-3, 2011



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