Easter or not?

Here’s yet another article by a Christian claiming that we should not call the Resurrection Day celebrations after an ancient pagan fertility goddess:

The nonexistent, evil chick called Easter:

HEY GUY! It is NOT “idolatry” to call it Easter!

One thing first. I do despise most vehemently some of the pagan-sourced traditions surrounding it. Easter Bunny! Gimme a break!

Let me ask this. Do you violate the First Commandment every time you refer to one of the days of the week in English, almost all of them named after an ancient pagan god?

Besides, anybody who implies that the KJB translators were idolatrous because they used the common English word “Easter” for the season in the Bible is historically illiterate!

Is it idolatry to talk about “volcanoes”? Because that word comes from the ancient god of fire! That’s probably why the so-called “humanist” Roddenberry gave the name “Vulcan” for Spock’s planet! A snide swipe using the language. So shall we now start calling volcanoes by another name?

Do you scrupulously avoid using the common names for the planets in the solar system? Quick! What’s the name of the fourth planet out from the sun? Do you call it by a different name?

Creationist scientists often talk about stars and quasars. They often tell us where those stars are using the constellations. Are they idolators?


2 Responses to “Easter or not?”

  1. Will Kinney Says:

    Easter is Correct. Here is why


    God bless,

    Will Kinney

  2. trutherator Says:

    Thanks Will! Excellent article, in detail, in which all the relevant issues are covered…

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