Bible, truth, and the ultimate reliable standard of truth

One “institution of belief” is that we as men can think our own way to the truth. That’s even part of the modern “Humanist Manifesto”, but the ancient Greek philosophers propounded it long before.

Now contrary to the disclaimer that your faith is NOT in any man, what is meant by that is, any “other” man, because you set yourself up to be the final arbiter among contrary “versions” of God’s truth, most of them saying, “Hath God said”. You THOUGHT you meant that you were not putting your trust in KIng James or in the scholars that worked on the translation, but then how do you choose which truths to believe out of all these imperfect “translations’ of imperfect men in whom you do not put your trust?

Well, you claim your faith is in God and in his Son, Jesus Christ. Good. How do you know for certain that he is the Son of God? Well, you choose to believe it. This belief cannot be based on imperfect, flawed books, because you along with Richard Dawkins claim that the translations are all flawed because they were imperfect men. —Even there though, he might differ some based on his recent praises for the KJB.

So where does your faith come from? The traditions of men, because you have been told throughout your life that the basic truths in the BIble are indeed true, and you’ve learned what they are, and now, how can you know they are true? YOu cannot even point to the Bible anymore, you yourself have made the Bible completely invalid as a testament to the truth, because there are no verifiable originals on the planet with which any claim can be corroborated.

Take your word for it? Forget it.

Truth is, KJB believers ARE PRECISELY THE ONES WHO PUT THEIR TRUST IN GOD. We trust that God keeps his word, and that it is the standard of truth against which all assertions can be measured.

Every time I hear some program on Christian radio now where they are saying they can count on some truth “because we have the Bible”, I almost cringe because almost all of them do NOT have any real BIble they can count on for a perfect standard of truth.


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