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10 Answers (plus) for atheists’ questions..

March 14, 2011

There is a web site that points to a youtube video that condescendingly asks the questions below in a video, it says are directed at college-educated thinking Christians.

For each question the author/speaker tells what they think are the Christian answer. Then they give theirs.

In doing so, however, they show that they have no idea how Christians throughout history have answered them many times over, and in their forums they also show that they refuse to believe any real evidence. Of course then they throw out the catch-all rejection of what they call “convoluted explanations” and “strange”.

Well, sure they’re strange if you can’t understand them! And refuse to consider them, contrary to the claim of rationality.

There are atheists, however, who actually ARE willing to consider evidence. I was once one of them myself.

This piece is for them, and for Christians who think they cannot answer.


Why won’t God heal amputees?

How do you know he never has? Because you’ve never heard of one? Somebody could claim it and you wouldn’t believe it. Unless you do have an open mind. Too bad for you.

One of the first such documented healings was when Jesus placed Peter’s ear back in place after the Temple guard had sliced it off. Oh that’s right, pat drone answer is to deny the Bible.

I have heard second-hand of such healings but don’t have personal knowledge. Oh that’s right, the scoffers say “Just believe me” isn’t enough. But they themselves believe things people tell them all the time.

How do they know planets exist on other systems. Oh that’s right, a few dozen people not known for blatant lies said so, and they rely on reports from two or three others. So they count a handful as credible and dispute the testimony of millions.

And they call this rational!


Why are there so many starving people in the world?
Why would god be worried about you getting a raise while at the same time ignoring the prayers of …desperate innocent little children? Why would a loving god do this?
(This doesn’t fit with a loving caring god)

There you go, making a premise of the Bible for the argument and then saying you can’t use the Bible to answer it because you don’t believe it! Real convenient.

Deuteronomy 24 has the answer to some of that: it’s because too many people that have this world’s goods act like they don’t believe the God of the Bible and they don’t follow the admonitions in the laws of Moses to leave enough behind in the fields during harvest for the poor to come and gather up.

Starving children are what happens when people who DO NOT believe in the God of the Bible prove that they don’t when they refuse to do what the God of the Bible says. Whether they SAY they believe or don’t. Christians who act like atheists don’t prove a thing about whether God is good or whether he exists. Neither do atheists who don’t do any of the things that Christians do for the poor.

The atheist regimes of the world of the 20th century and this 21st instead of feeding them they aborted them, massacred them, let them die in forced marches, made them die by robbing their food. Stalin was a judgment of God on Russia, and America would do good to listen to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s admonitions to Harvard, where he told them America should turn to God.

These Harvard students, showing what they have “learned” from Harvard faculty, actually booed him! As if it did not make any difference that Stalin was atheist!

Of course God DOES care, and he sends multitudes of believers to help feed the poor.

Kids are starving because atheists who have food don’t share, and there aren’t enough obedient Christians. But the reason there aren’t any more children starving is the acts of Christians who are making up some of the gap, and the spread of those who act out the Christian Golden Rule is fast filling those needs, where evil atheists and evil pagans and anti-Christians don’t stop them.

Forget about mouthings for gain of hypocrites.

Militant atheists and anti-Christians like to use man’s own selfishness to justify their own blind faith in materialism.


3.–Exodus 35:2 god demands kill everyone who works on sabbath
–deut 21:18-21 kill disobedient teenagers
–leviticus 20:13 god demands the death of homosexuals
–deuteronomy 22:13-21 god demands we kill girls who are not virgins when they marry

These are trivial matters in your own self-centered world of poor education about ancient times. In that world where there was no cure for sexually transmitted diseases, promiscuity was one of the deadliest practices, and promiscuous sex was equivalent to what we call today “reckless endangerment”.

And as many sociologists and STD experts could tell you in candid moments, one partner who was with one partner who was with another who had twenty partners, three times removed, it was the same as being with all of them.

So such a practice was deadly. They knew about such things then, which made it worse. Those that didn’t know or didn’t care, capital punishment got their attention.

And the Israelites in the newly occupied Canaan, they had no prisons because they had no king! They were free from government! The priesthood acted as arbiters and there were some who were risen up to expel their enemies.

The verses about disobedient children is a lot more than that too. There are other verses that put down the details. It was ONLY the parents who could bring charges against such a son, and that after he had continuously acted in rebellion and had been disruptive, what we could call “criminally” so.

The gross ubiquitous violence in the tribes of Canaan came no doubt from tolerating the kind of violent behavior that the other verses make clear was necessary for this

BOTH parents had to bring the charge. And they had to bring that son before the priests, and make their charges and PROVE them, and the priests had to then listen to others as well, and then finally make a decision.

Just as in every other case, the laws of Moses were VERY strict, more than today, about the assumption of innocence. In the most minor infraction, there had to be AT LEAST two witnesses before ANY judgment was issued.


4.—Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense?

That’s a nonsensical question, and oxymoronic, posed simply because the Bible contradicts modern myths commonly held by self-righteous self-appointed “smarter-than-thou” high priests of Darwinism and materialism.

Fact is, Darwinists and materialists believe in so much anti-scientific nonsense that even before a room full of Darwin-indoctrinated college kids, it just takes a couple of hours for a Creation scientist to deliver a K-O in debate. Which is why all of the big smarter-than-anybody stars of Darwinism and materialist so-called “science” refuse today to debate them anymore.

So disabuse yourself of any lingering illusion of Creation scientists as country bumpkins. After all the most respected scientists of history and pioneers of modern science were Creationists.

Isaac Newton says such a highly regulated universe was an irrefutable proof of both Creation (the 6-day kind) and a young Earth, and saw science therefore as a testimony to God that would help new generations come to know him, because science was to “think God’s thoughts after him”.

There have been books written about it, and I’ve listed a few of the thousand-fold multiplicity of evidences for Biblical creation elsewhere, and it’s abundant for open-minded thinkers.

There are accounts recorded, NOT counting the famous Bentley account, which I personally do find doubtful, of men being swallowed by a whale, and of creatures like a giant squid, bigger than humans, found inside the belly of a great white shark.

The most difficult part of the Jonah history to explain is how he got oxygen for that long. First fact, the idiom “three days and three nights” refers not just to 72 hours but to parts of three days, meaning it could have been from just before sundown to just after sundown the next day. And people in a state of coma or near coma may need little oxygen, during which prayer can occur also.

But it was always regarded as historical in the accounts, and “I can’t believe it” is not enough evidence to say it’s a myth.


5–Why is god such a huge proponent of slavery in the bible? And why do all intelligent people abhor slavery and make it completely illegal?

That the authors of this bunch of questions would ask that second question is hilarious! (Cue loud belly laughs here).

Most intelligent people today abhor slavery because CHRISTIANS fought it tooth and nail and relentlessly until they shamed the world into banning it! William Wilberforce made it his mission field to ban slavery, mentored by the repentant former slave trader who became a Christian and fought it for his lifetime, John Newton, who also wrote that timeless hymn, “Amazing Grace”, amazed indeed that such a brutal vile sinner as he, slave trader, could find grace in the eyes of God.

So you see, the unbelieving atheist also can find grace.. This is love and mercy, not the caricature of militant atheists.

Why do atheists get their ideas so dead wrong? And why do so many Christians believe this easily debunked historical myth?

And “huge proponent”? Ordering them to let any contracted servant go free after six years? That’s a “huge proponent”?

Even for the cases where it was permitted that a debtor would agree to work for another as a “servant”, say to work off a debt, they were to go free during the year of jubilee, DEBT-FREE, which was every seven years! That means it was after anywhere from one day to maximum six years.

If there were any physical abuse, and the laws of Moses has a lot of examples, they were to let them go free. Also there were severe punishments for mistreating servants.

And by the way, every long-term worker for hire is called “servant” in the Bible.

And here’s a source of confusion for the unwary, and especially for the atheist who does not know the Bible. The subject of their favorite verses are not the only word on the subject, there are other rules elsewhere.

Then there’s one more important thing.

Remember this:


Dedicated missionaries like William Wilberforce (abolition was his mission field), David Livingston, the abolitionists of the United States, who brought down this abominable practice.

In ancient times too: St. Patrick had been a slave, but vigorously protested the slaving that went on between the Irish and the English, and shamed the Christians into stopping it in both islands, and abolition then spread to the rest of Europe.

By the way, this shows how government indoctrination centers (also known as the euphemistic “public schools”) have robbed us and our children of a true unbiased perspective on history…


6.Why do bad things happen to good people?

For the same reason atheists can spout so much unscientific nonsense. God allows people their freedom of choice. If you want the truth, you will easily find it. If you don’t, you are given up to your own reprobate mind. In the worst cases, nations that forget God, that turn their backs on him, have always found that things went downhill from there.

China for example, does persecute its Christian population, wiping out tens of millions of them during the Maoist so-called “Cultural Revolution”. You see, atheist declared the culture war first, and they made it a massacre, and Christians are the biggest victims.

It’s not because of some evil that Jews and Christians did under Hitler, but he swore he would wipe them both off the face of the earth. It wasn’t God that committed genocide in Germany or Russia or the Ukraine or China or Cambodia.

It was monsters who not only had repudiated Christianity but swore to wipe it out.

The spiritual cousins of such as Dawkins who called it “insanity” and said teaching children about God was child abuse. One may safely presume Stalin’s philosophical counterparts would put them in psychiatric wards and fill them with psychotic drugs like Stalin did.


7.why didn’t any of jesus’ miracles in the Bible leave behind any evidence?

Of course they did. The ubiquitous impact on the entire world and its changes are indisputable, and are associated with the message of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

But besides that there are two or three dozen contemporary references to Jesus Christ from “secular” (meaning “pagan”) Roman histories. There are Talmudic writings who condemn his miracles as “witchcraft”, just as recorded in the Gospels.

Simon Greenleaf, militantly atheist and denier, dean of the Harvard Law School, who set out to disprove the Resurrection, found he had to affirm it and became an enthusiastic believer. Lew Wallace set about to do the same but confronted with the facts, the result was Ben Hur.

No one yet has brought forth any credible evidence against them at all, except their own affirmation.


8. who do we explain the fact that Jesus has never appeared to you?


9.Why would Jesus want you to eat his body and drink his blood?

He doesn’t and that’s the doctrine of only some branches of Christendom, sharply contradicted by both the Gospel account of same and the Protestants that gave us the Renaissance and paid for it with the persecutions at the hand of the political power of the Roman Church during those days.

Jesus made clear with the ones that stayed around:

John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.
Luke 22:19 And he took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.

This was the only ceremony Jesus gave us to observe. The bread was his body he was talking about, and he was talking about Jesus as the Word:

John 1:1 ¶In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.


10.Why did Christians get divorced at the same rate as non-Christians? What god hath put together, let no man put asunder. God is all-powerful, so if God has put two people together that should seal the deal, right?

Who said God put them all together? Christians today are infected with the culture of the world. So when they act like the world instead of being able to subjugate themselves to one another, whose fault is that?

So militant atheists looking for excuses to avoid the obvious moral implications of truly believing in the first two and great commandments, point to the fact that Christians often act like them instead of acting like Jesus Christ.

That’s like a gang that kills somebody and blames the victim.

It just proves the point. Christians are people too, but they are forgiven people.

It also proves that there are millions of unbelievers who are not getting married in the first place, tilting the statistics. But they don’t mention that, do they?


With a tactic of illusion, the devoted atheist waves his magic “I don’t believe it” wand, and says
“Every answered prayer is only a coincidence”.

Never mind there been many double-blind and even triple-blind studies published in scientific medical journals of secular repute that demonstrate a clear positive correlation between what they call “intercessory prayer” and healings, such as cancer remission.


So when you actually use your brain and think rationally, you come to believe in God. That’s what happened to me. I was a militant atheist myself, but researching science, by steps finally led by evidence to conclude that the Bible is right.


Coming soon: prophecy pages

March 10, 2011

Coming soon, a preview of a book on prophecy…

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