More Darwinian Follies…

Good examples of misinformation and information gaps repeated ad nauseum to confuse the gullible:

See here an example of backwards logic: “The ‘Hobbit were diseased humans’ argument is a long way from proven, yet you deploy it like its been settled.”

Turn that around. The point was and is that the Hobbit was treated as a glorious missing link until oops, what about this, what about that, and some of them said it was consistent with “diseased humans”. Except I think it is just another example of short people, like the Pygmies in Africa.

They are in danger of being eaten –literally– out of existence right now in Africa, as Christianity gets pushed back and the old paganism recovers. They are now regarded as animals by warring tribes around them, “missing links” you might say.

Christian missionaries are leading the charge to save them from their persecutors.

“Nested heirarchies of organisms” are a natural corollary of both functionality, using the same building blocks for survival and propagation of life –DNA, proteins, and all that.

It’s telling that evolutionist logic can get “convergent evolution” when the functionality doesn’t fit the hierarchies, but cannot see functional convergence as a natural attribute of design.

Claims that the “fossils show a continuum of features from the past to the present” only serve to expose the abysmal state of science education, and the attack on true science that the Darwinian religious beliefs represent.

…Noah’s…would expect to see a uniform distribution of animal types across the world, originating as they did from one release point somewhere in the middle east…

LOL. Another example of a belly-laughing demonstration of selective logical circuits, who don’t know how to apply the principles they use elsewhere to this one. There are major campaigns on to save ecologies endangered from the introduction of alien species, as we speak.

They brag about how fast a peppered moth goes from white to black to white, but fast radiated breeding and natural selection works for your theory you see it at work here too.

Here you go, a YOUNG-Earth creationist who explains how the marsupials and exotic animals of Australia show consistency with the idea of descent from their non-marsupial counterparts:

The various kinds of animals in Australia line up with the kinds of animals elsewhere, suggesting common descent from those animals’ ancestors, rather than a common marsupial ancestor. This is one of Darwinians’ favorite toys in their grab bag: “convergent evolution” based on conditions in Australia.

Stephen Gould has admitted that the fossils show no continuum of anything at all, where it counts. There are no mammals with feathers, but neither do you have anything at all between reptiles and birds, and the showcase ‘examples’ of one or two break down to plainly one or the other on examination.

Here is the Biblical description of DNA in fact:

Psalms 139:15 My substance was not hid from thee, when I was made in secret, and curiously wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16 Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them.

How many lines of evidence form nature corroborate your bible’s account?

Plenty. There’s the above verse describing DNA. Others describe the effect of a nearby nuclear explosion on human flesh in a future prophecy, the vast currents, or “rivers”, in the oceans (at a time when Greeks were saying the oceans were generally calm and shallow), they hydrologic cycle, and don’t forget an amazing set of rules for scientific hygiene in food preparation and treatment of diseases. The “stretching out” of the heavens.

Looks like none to me.

Well, Jesus healed the blind who accepted faith in him, and he can heal you too.

Its embarrassing to watch.

Yes, like Muggeridge predicted, [Darwinian] evolution will be seen soon enough as the object of ridicule and hilarious laughter, as scientists will marvel at its pagan mythology.

Nothing new under the sun:

Jeremiah 2:27 Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face: but in the time of their trouble they will say, Arise, and save us.

Let us all flee from the kind of paganism that will only lead to another Hitler’s fascination with helping the human species evolve, another Margaret Sanger (founder of the Birth Control League) that wants us to eliminate “inferior stock”.

Let us find love in the God of Love and his Son.


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6 Responses to “More Darwinian Follies…”

  1. Mark Says:

    Well, I have to commend you for providing me with a massive dose of comic entertainment this bright Saturday morning.
    I began taking what you seriously. I followed your link to Robert Byer’s ‘essay’ on the creationist case for marsupials. How I laughed! Aside from basic spelling and grammar problems which made me wonder if he was 12 years old, it is one of the most remarkably garbled science-illiterate documents I’ve seen in ages. Long stretches of the ‘facts’ he lists are just made up. I then followed the link from there to Chris Ashcraft’s essay (obviously the source material for Byer’s confused ramble) and was delighted to read that the creationist case for the existence of Australia’s marsupial fauna is that THEY EVOLVED THERE! Ho ho! So you accept evolution, just not ‘their’ evolution? Darwin would be pleased. Or amused at least.
    The basic idea, that the shapes of modern marsupials are similar to that of placentals and therefore they all descend from the same post-Ark ‘kind’, is bonkers. Its only half-believable if you know little about placental animals, and even less about marsupials. There is one word which sinks the whole case: Kangaroo. Where is the global ‘kind’ which the kangaroo is the local australian version of? Ecologically it inhabits the role of deer, but it resembles NOTHING on any other continent. Or do you think it could be some sort of super-sized mouse? (If you look at a ‘roo through the wrong end of a telescope you might be able to talk yourself into that!). Byers is also unaware of the existence of monotremes- the egg laying mammals. These animals have traits of both ‘higher’ mammals and reptiles. They lay eggs (yes mate, eggs). Not just any eggs but eggs with a soft shell indistinguishable from reptile eggs. They produce milk, but do not have nipples- the milk just seeps out of some modified sweat glands and onto the fur where the puggles (baby monotremes) lap it up. They are warm blooded but crucially not as warm bloodied as other mammals. Platypus core temp is low- 32 degrees and their metabolism is more like reptiles which have developed endothermy such as leatherback turtles than other mammals. And while we are on the subject, where is the rest-of-the-world analogue, the basic ‘kind’ of the Paltypus? And the corollary of this this line is there is and was no australian elephant, or bear, or camel, or deer, or squirrel, or otter (I could go on).
    So, my initial challenge to you still stands. The reality biogeography of mammals still makes a mockery of your creationist delusions. A handful of stretched bible tracks do not constitute evidence BTW.
    Judging by your use of language you personally are not a dumb individual ‘trutherator’, is that why you just gave the link to Byer’s article, because you couldn’t lower yourself to his intellectual level to espouse such a hilarious and blatantly false fantasy as honest comment?

  2. Mark Says:

    I forgot to come clean in the last post; I am a zoologist. I have worked in Europe and Africa and now work in Australia in a captive breeding centre containing marsupials, monotremes and placental animals. I know A LOT about the creatures discussed here, and I hold them in high esteem. I also know a fair bit about the parallel planet inhabited by born-again ‘fundies’ such as yourself as my mother was sucked into your doomsday cult for a few years, predated on when she was at a low ebb by your salesmen (and dropped pretty sharpish when they realise that she didn’t have money for them and her family weren’t susceptible to recruitment). Since leaving you behind she has not looked back and is now a happy, fulfilled atheist.

    To say that a quoll (I’ll let you google that- hint, its one of the things which Byers thinks is extinct- I’ll remember that today when I serve them their dinner.) is just a cat, an antipodean aberration on the ‘true’ pure kind (aside from wilfully ignoring the facts from across a suite of the natural sciences-paleontolgy, geology, biochemistry, genetics- not just anatomy) is a huge disservice to both animals.

    I used to think the old colonial habit of naming Australian animals after slightly similar-looking creatures ‘from home’ was just arrogant laziness- to think that it has led some bible-addled bozos to construe it as some serious concept is a bit scary. Its not like you have the excuse of an oppressive church controlling access to information any more- you have the sum of human knowledge at your fingertips yet you’d rather spin a DIY fantasy. Self-imposed ignorance.
    And can you spare us the puerile riffs on darwinist eugenics: seeing as you have come out as accepting a form of Darwinism in your story about original ‘kinds’ evolving to suit variations in conditions, you are implicating yourself in your own Nazi allusions.

  3. trutherator Says:

    You’re the comic relief, mister. Dig deeper. Stephen Gould the paleontologist has told you there is NO fossil evidence for evolution from kind to kind at the level where it counts. In other words the fossil record shows exactly the same thing as the current situation in the 21st century: lots of each kind, but nothing in between. No half-dog-half-cat, no half-dino-half-bird.

    Your comments only show that you know NOTHING about true Creation science, and for example, you don’t even understand what little you read about marsupial evolution, not to be confused with the Darwinian pagan myths that gullible smart people take for “science”.

    You also understand NOTHING about what creation science has said about kinds, species and variation. The starting point was Genesis One and what we have is evidence today. The first pair of canines reproduced and it radiated into todays’ rich variety of wild and domesticated of them.

    And the Nazi allusions apply with Hitler because HE was the one who based his racist genocides on them.

    Christians –true believers in Jesus Christ and his example of love– base their respect for all human life on the fact that they were created as special in the beginning.

    Fossils testify to special creation. All of the forensic evidence, fossils, soft tissue in dino bones, and blood vessels point to it.

    The long list of physical constants that add up to the anthropic principle add up to it.

    The impossibility of spontaneous generation, or of the spontaneous emergence of DNA, or RNA, or epigenetics or any first protocell from any chemical soup is telling. But faith in pagan myths is strong in true believers, and it’s worth tens of millions, hundreds, for believers in it.

    “It’s as if it never happened!” cried Stephen Gould, and he STILL says it did!

  4. Mark Says:

    @truther- Wow. That was a incoherent rant par excellence.What are you: Colonel Gaddaffi’s speechwriter?
    You are impervious to reality. You live in a fantasy world, and the sad thing is you don’t come over as if it makes you particularly happy. Now that is sad.
    Bon voyage truther, I hope for your sake you snap out of it before you’ve wasted too much of your brief precious life on the church game.

  5. trutherator Says:

    The thing about Darwinoids, the blind-faith followers of the currently enforced official pagan religious doctrine, is that instead of actually using any real-world arguments in their futile attempt to refute the facts, they instead resort to the insults as they are led to do by their Inquisitors.

    They think they are smarter than Isaac Newton!

  6. trutherator Says:

    As to happiness, any reader can see that you are the bitter one, and sore afraid of the ridicule that might come from actually considering the facts that speak out against the ridiculous ancient pagan doctrine of Darwinism.

    Because ancient it is:

    Jeremiah 2:27  Saying to a stock, Thou art my father; and to a stone, Thou hast brought me forth: for they have turned their back unto me, and not their face: but in the time of their trouble they will say, Arise, and save us.

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