Who collected all the parts of the Bible?

The Old Testament is the collection of books that date from before Christ that the Jews, or Hebrews, considered as sacred. They are the collection of books, starting with the books of Moses, that proved themselves as God’s word one way or another. For example, the Psalms are the testimony of David, the Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are the godly wisdom God gave Solomon while he was still godly.

Most of the prophetic books included pronouncements that were fulfilled during the prophet’s lifetime and the writings were kept as having been verified.

Christians simply copied the four gospels and the epistles, and Revelation, after they were written, for the edifying of the churches in all cities. The believers knew which ones were inspired by God, and the 500 that had been in the presence of Jesus Christ passed on this respect to following generations.

We have testimony to the originality of the Textus Receptus body of copies from the earliest translation, from the fact that Christians all the way back to the beginning were copying it. Taken together, the number of them, their antiquity compared to others and MOST of all, internal consistency in them and with each other, are great testimonies to them.

One need only to actually read the so-called “gospels” and other writings of the day that pretended to be Christian, to see how ridiculous the idea is. The “Gospel of Thomas” is so outlandish as to serve as something for Bible-haters to use only with those who haven’t read it.

They formed the basis for the King James Bible New Testament, and the “Masoretic” line of Hebrew Tanukhs.

It took till the 4th century for other influences, especially the gnostics, among some of the far-flung reaches of congregations, to cause Christians to make a list of the books that were canonical.

So the Bible we have today is a compilation of the same that the early Christians had.

A “list of authoritative books, not an authoritative list of books”. In other words, they just listed the ones they all agreed were already considered the Word of God.


2 Responses to “Who collected all the parts of the Bible?”

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  2. trutherator Says:

    The Bible remains as the gold standard of prophecy, whether there are other prophecies that have come to happen or not. Even in the Bible, there was the high priest Caiaphas, of the Pharisees and certainly no follower of Jesus Christ, of whom the scripture says he “prophesied” that one man should die for the nation so that the whole nation could be saved. No doubt he was thinking of physical Earthbound Israel, not the kingdom of God, but still.

    And there was Balaam, who also prophesied as God put it in his mouth, instead of what he had planned to do.

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