What was God’s one infallible perfect Bible before the King James?

I thought about the scriptures from 2 Chronicles 34, where during the remodeling in the temple the high priest Hilkiah discovered the scrolls hidden in the temple walls they were dismantling. Sounded like somebody hid one from the king’s wicked grandfather I think it was, who ordered all the copies of the scriptures destroyed. He told the king, who had it read to the whole nation, they repented, and he destroyed all the sodomite prostitute houses that had built up around the temple.

So there was such a scripture at the time, but nobody knew where it was or even to wonder about it, apparently, even though there were godly people still around like the prophetess Huldah.

As to the King James generation, it could be that although there was such a thing as a perfect copy of the Hebrew scriptures and Greek scriptures somewhere, God had a different plan going forward, because he know the end from the beginning, and he knew English was the language of the future.

But who knows how God works? Maybe just the fact that King James was so amenable to this project, and in England there was a “critical mass” of good, godly, righteous men who were also doubtless were among the most brilliant scholars in Biblical languages and European languages, that this was a blessing for their sake. Being vessels for such a work, God blessed them and blessed their adventures around the world insomuch as they spread the word anyway. Even into the reign of Queen Victoria, wasn’t it, she could point to the Bible to answer the question of how Britain got so great.

Of course when they stopped spreading the word and started spreading the pagan Darwin myth instead, the whole thing started decaying. The United States was saturated with Biblical Christianity and so they started growing in the stead of the Brits.

Now its our turn. The United States kicked the Bible out of the schools, and of course prayer and the Ten Commandments with it, and that “Christian nation” just let it happen, and they left us in the Darwinian schools, so they’ve been decaying from within ever since too.


2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:


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