What’s the Mark of the Beast

You can think what you want, or accept somebody’s esoteric explanation, but it is a mark “in” the right hand or “in” the forehead, not “on” it, or hanging around somewhere.

Since you seem to like Greek, read the explanation from one of the few students of Biblical Hebrew and Greek at Harvard that actually believes the Bible, and what that “mark” really means in Greek (not Hebrew), –more like a “groove” or an “etching”– and why “Biblical scholars” get it wrong, and other Biblical explanations on that chapter:

Authorized Version Defence MAN’S NUMBER

Again, the first rule of understanding the Bible is getting the real, true, genuine, Bible, or the real true genuine anointed translation done by brilliant scholars who also were believers deep down deep and had a genuine fear of God.

But the second rule is straightforward reading, in context. If it matches something real world without drug-addled contortions, then that’s it. Immediate context trumps everything else. “Immediate context” includes where the Bible itself interprets it DIRECTLY for you. Like the seven mountains in Revelations upon which the whore sitteth, it says RIGHT THERE (Revelation 17:9-12) what the seven heads and seven mountains and the ten kings are.

After that, ONLY if necesssary, comes intermediate context (surrounding scriptures, the general message of the book, and so on), then further context.

So the “mark of the beast” in Revelation 13 is indeed “in” their right hand or in the forehead.


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