Scofield’s Dispensations: Diabolical Deceit

Peter talked about “dispensation”, but he’s definitely not talking about Cyrus Scofield‘s version of it.

Scofield’s “dispensations” were not Paul’s “dispensations”. Scofield’s dispensations were a total “confidence” scam, just like the guy himself, having spent time in prison for one scheme. They should have locked up his Darby perversion of the word in the cell with him, and thrown away the key, together with this false dispensationalism and this false “pre-trib rapture”.

Paul’s dispensations are pure grace, grace, grace, as in the verses he penned all through his epistles.

AND Paul made clear in Hebrews 13 that the shining saints of the Old Testament were all saved by faith in Jesus Christ, and faith alone, and that their works were /fruits/ of their faith.

Included in that famous list of FAITH is a guy who gave his wife to the Pharoah as his sister, the wife who disbelieved God’s word that she would bear a son in her old age, a material-minded Esau, the deceiver Jacob, the impatient Moses kept back from the Promised Land for his act of disobedience, and so on.

Who can doubt that Enoch, Abel, Noah, and all their best works put together, came short of the glory of God? Jesus told us if we do /ALL/ that we are commanded, we are still “unprofitable” servants. (Luke 17:10) Does that sound like someone who /deserves/ salvation based on their works?

“Lest any man should boast!”

Sure, there is a sense in which it became more evident after Jesus Christ came in the flesh, the whole law, set up for works, is only our /schoolmaster to bring us to Christ/. Paul couldn’t make more plain that the whole purpose of the OT, the laws and the prophets, the whole thing, was to show us there was NO WAY we could earn salvation.

There are things that are different after Christ, whence The law came by Moses, but grace and truth by Jesus Christ. God’s expectations of us are now both much less and much more. Much less in terms of Do this, Don’t do that, Eat this, Don’t Eat That, and so forth, and much more in terms of the new commandment Jesus gave us, and the emphasis on the two first and greatest commandments.


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7 Responses to “Scofield’s Dispensations: Diabolical Deceit”

  1. modres Says:

    Funny, but in Scofield’s notes I see GRACE, GRACE, GRACE from the OT to the NT. Not sure where you are getting what you’re getting.

  2. trutherator Says:

    Scofield was the popularizer in America of the idea of Dispensationalism, meaning the idea that the OT saints somehow had to work for their salvation instead of having it by grace. Some do, some don’t, depending on when and who. Some saints at certain times have to earn their salvation, others get it by grace, and it also depends on whether you’re a Jew or a Gentile, blah blah blah!

    And his notes is still confusing Christian minds!

    He chops up the Bible mercilessly, speaking of mercy. The kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of God are different, so he said, it’s an idiot’s doctrine because it’s so obvious! The “Rapture” is before the Tribulation (another big lie), some Christians will be raptured at one time, other Christians another time!

    Scofield is the author of confusion! God is not the author of confusion. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever!


  3. modres Says:

    No, OT saints did not have to work for their salvation and except for that ONE note (which was immediately corrected in future editions of the Scofield Study System Bible), he does NOT teach that.

    All salvation is by GRACE, through FAITH. There is no work attached to salvation and it is a shame that in spite of people like John Walvoord, Charles Ryrie and others, Gerstner and the like continue to perpetuate this falsehood that Dispensationalism teaches a two-version form of salvation, one for the OT and one for the NT.

    I’ve been a Dispensationalist for years, and what I see in Scripture is that Abraham was saved by FAITH (it was counted to him as righteousness) because he BELIEVED God. This is how anyone is saved.

    It’s really too bad that people like yourself truly do not understand what you’re talking about. There are REASONS why Kingdom of Heaven and Kingdom of God are NOT always interchangeable. But I guess I’m an IDIOT to you? Wow, such love. Very nice.

    As far as the PreTrib Rapture (“another big lie”), I’d be careful about calling it a lie. There are intelligent men who happen to see it in Scripture. There is actually a tremendous basis for it.

    Of course Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. However, God PROGRESSIVELY revealed His will to man over long stretches of time. This is why Scofield did NOT teach that there are two forms of salvation. Do you have a copy of the 1909 version of the Study Bible? If you do, I would encourage you to read ALL of his notes (along with his articles at the front). If you do NOT, then you need to get one, or stop commenting on it since you are obviously gaining your knowledge of it through secondary means.

    You are way off base here and your arrogance as well as your uncharitable attitude is telling.

    It’s a shame that people like yourself feel the need to vilify Scofield (or anyone else with which they do not agree. It’s one of Satan’s strategies to get and keep Christians at odds, so rather than work together on the Great Commission, we’re at each other’s throats over areas that are completely peripheral to the area of Salvation.

    Robert C. Chapman (in the late 1800s) was able to actually WORK with other Christians (he called them brothers in the faith) even though he was an Amillenialist and they were PreTrib Rapturists. It did not get in their way of evangelizing the lost. However, it is clear that you simply look down your nose at folks like myself.

    Your blog does nothing to create an attitude of understanding and dialogue. It merely creates arrogance in yourself and tends to push away anyone that disagrees with you.

  4. trutherator Says:

    Look everyone that preaches works also talks up a lot of grace. But it has been self-declared dispensationalists! who have declared to me emphatically that the OT saints had a works salvation and the NT saints had a grace salvation.

    Thank God I was not corrupted by the Scofield Bible, although it seemed to be the favorite in the Pentecostal churches I grew up in, you know, the /works/ religion.

    I’ve had these dispensationalists insist that Abraham and David were exceptions to the rule that OT salvation was by works, and they continue in this illusion despite the multitude of OT verses I show them, and the fact that the same arguments used to explain salvation through Jesus Christ and the gospel (faith in God’s word), are specifically saying that no law can save anybody and works cannot save anybody.

    Now you tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, but say what you will, I’ve been debating the issue of OT-works salvation with its dispensationalist (their word) proponents for months in another forum.

    Line up all the references to “Kingdom of Heaven” in Matthew with the matching references to the “Kingdom of God” and then try to tell me it isn’t idiotic to avoid the ever-so-obvious match-up between the two!

    As to Pre-Trib Rapture, I’m sure there were some intelligent men among those that Paul reprimanded for forgetting that he had told them it would NOT happen at any time, and it would NOT happen until “that man of perdition” would be REVEALED.

    The “tremendous basis” for Pre-Trib is a house of imaginary force-fitted cards that contradict the most obvious and explicit scriptures on it.

    Dispensationalism has nothing to teach us, from what I have seen, and your comments make me more sure about it. Your arrogant accusation that I am arrogant belies the contrast between the verses I shared on these subjects.

    I’m glad you agree on an only-grace free salvation, but sorry for this totally arbitrary dichotomy on the kingdom –not kingdoms– and blithely ignoring the plain scriptures from Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Revelation, and Thessalonians that plainly tell us we will be tried and made white through the Tribulation.

    And FYI, I have worked even with Pentecostals, and would do it again, as well as dispensationalists, in contexts where it would help win souls for the Lord. There are dispensationalists with whom I share a creationist forum and they are full of great information and frequent insights on the subject.

    And I’m sorry you jump to the conclusion about “look down my nose” because I don’t. Seek not to be teachers for unto you is the greater condemnation, my main attack was on this con artist who spent time in prison for fraud, and instead of repenting went on to commit one of the biggest frauds in history with his Bible notes.

    On the very first page Scofield admitted as much, saying he was using the King James Bible because Americans did not appreciate any other, meaning he wanted a cafeteria Bible.

    Paul did not mince his words, Jesus did not pull punches, when he told the plain truth. It is high time to awake out of darkness and denounce the lies of the devil.

    And telling people they need to get saved to escape the Tribulation will cause an even greater “falling away” when they see they are still here when the Antichrist sets up in Jerusalem and starts his microchip “The Mark” campaign.

    Or even worse, they’ll think it’s not the Tribulation and not the Mark and will merrily go along with the program…


  5. Shelly Says:

    Excellent reply Alan!! I have just found out about the lies of Scofield, and that he also left and then divorced his first wife and never paid child support for the children he left behind, and Paul says we are not to have leaders in the church who can’t even manage their own family.

  6. trutherator Says:

    Thanks for chiming in, Shelly…

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    […] I wrote more about Scofield here: […]

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