KJB English is for the 21st century

KJB critics complain about “archaic language”, and they say that the Bible was written in living languages at the time. But how would they know they were “not archaic forms” any more than the KJB is?

I suspect though that just like our English was stabilized by the universal and daily use of “The Holy Bible” over centuries, so the language of the Bible in Hebrew stabilized that language, and the Greek of those days as well.

NOT the other way around. They certainly didn’t need to “revise their versions” every twenty years. Thank God they couldn’t anyway.

I’ll bet the Hebrew in the Masoretic wasn’t the street talk of those days, especially the Psalms, the Proverbs, the Song of Solomon, Job, Jeremiah and the prophets, and rest of it too.

Modernists can jump up and down about how “poetic” Genesis One is so they can avoid a six-day Creation, then they turn around and say the rest of has to be in conversational English for this decade.

Here’s one quote:

“> Languages change, and translators are fallible.”

Just translators? How about prophets, kings, fugitive Egyptian princes, shepherd boys, beloved physicians, converted Pharisees, tax collectors, and fishermen, and the rest of the common folk who God used to put quill to canvas?

God is not limited to “original” languages, and he proved it in Acts 2. Seems like one overeducated intellectual thought Acts 2 is on his side of the fence, probably going to say something about getting the word of God into the languages people speak. God did it in 1611.

What Acts 2 proves is that God is perfectly able and willing where appropriate to put his word in any languages he so pleases to do, and he is not limited by the wise pontificating of Pharisee school graduates indoctrinated way beyond their faith in his promises to preserve his word.

All of the complaints about the English of the KJB, ALL of them, apply TEN TIMES MORE to Koine Greek and Solomon’s Hebrew. They are MUCH older than English, and we see from history that the self-important Pharisaical tendencies of over-educated intellectuals get them tripped off into rabbit holes.



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